If love is the answer … where is the how?

“Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up.” James 4:10

Teaching-Lesson. Premise-Consequence. Saviour-Saved. Saved-Saved. Saved …

But just what does “saved” mean right now … today … this second … ?

If I am being humble in order to be lifted up … is that not just more “obeying the rules”? More “premise-consequence” … “Be humble-Be lifted up” … “Be NOT humble-Be NOT lifted up” … ?


Don Merritt is going through Luke. Yesterday Don got to Luke 7:18-35 – Jesus and John  and as I was reading verses I know already, GSHJ popped up: “Never saved him though did I?” John sent his people to Jesus’s people. Don found sadness. I found a small outrage. “Even after they came, I never saved him did I?” Jesus left John in prison to be beheaded. And spoke to the crowd and Pharisees and all that about how fickle THEY were! “Even while I left John to his fate.”

Small outrage? I never knew that was in me.

Then Don got to the Sinful Woman in a Pharisee’s House – Luke 7:36-50  Don found unconditional love. A concept many find hard to understand. And GSHJ popped up again “Feather and ball. Take away 40 tonnes of oxygen. Which falls fastest?” Sin and unconditional love (and all that), and God Soft Hands Jesus pops up with … Brian Cox, BBC2 (UK)?  You will have the link later

Confused?  I was – the lights were on but …

Then Agent X popped up out of nowhere (well, Lubbock, USA I later learned). Agent X had this to say: If My Blog Stinks…  Church Set Free in the most literal sense!  God set free in the most wonderful way. Uniting sin and love as only GSHJ can and does. “I really don’t care if you find eye candy here.”  Agent X makes “love your neighbour” real.

And then Mel Wild was recommending Leaving religion to follow Christ (part 1)  Mel says that “religion masquerading as Christianity is sociopathic” and compares that to pornography. “Counterfeit, Paul. He is illustrating “counterfeit””

The lights stayed on all night here.  Even as I slept the lights stayed on.

I slept well.

But something was happening as I slumbered …

Jesus not saving John? Will He pass me by in my hour of need too? Take away 40 tonnes of oxygen.  How is not breathing finding truth?  Sitting with the homeless, the smelly ones, the outcasts, the ones who make him “want to hurl”. Must I go and do that to prove my “saved-ness”?  And leaving religion?  Well, hell yes!  Count me in for that gig!


And then this morning – and this particular verse …

“Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up.”

Why THAT verse … why THIS morning …

What are you up to God Jesus?


You have some reading to do here.  So I will stop for now. But please come back tomorrow. I would love to show you what I saw as He morphed these pieces into a picture. As the “puzzle” became a window opened into the Kingdom of Heaven.  But not just that.  A window with a key.  Which means I can open this window anytime I want. 

And that means you can too.

So for now, here is what the absence of 40 tonnes of oxygen (less a few grams) looks like …

Brian Cox, BBC2 (UK): Human Universe – Episode 4

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