Take away 40 tonnes

How does that work?  That we know “it all”?

Even theories count as “knowing”.  Computer modelling provides “the answers” without us ever leaving the building. And is THAT why religion has all the answers?  Is that why we know we will be looked-after in heaven?  Is that why we yearn for our hard-earned reward in heaven?

All that deprivation invested here on earth … to be cashed-in for great times up there in heaven!  Not that we have earned a “reward” (obviously)!  Please remember that we are but mere sinners – always unworthy – saved by the grace of God freely given (obviously)!

How does that work?  Is that what we call religious modelling?  Put all the biblical permutations into a computer and out pops the answer to life (and everything)?  Is that why we “know” we are incapable of unconditional love here on earth?

“I’m sorry Mr Paul – but the computer says you can’t achieve that.  Too much sin you see.  Always sin!  It’s the spiritual spanner in the works of man (on behalf of God – obviously).  But do not be downhearted Mr Paul, God loves you!  The computer bible says so.”

Take away 40 tonnes of oxygen and I die  “If love is the answer … where is the how?”

Yesterday was a bunch of disconnected jigsaw pieces.  No box with a picture to help.  Just random pieces lying there before me.  You know what …

I knew yesterday what the “big picture” was – a sense of something – a knowing not yet birthed into words.

Exhibit One: The feather and the ball


Exhibit two: 40 tonnes of religious tradition.

Which sin is bigger? Which righteousness is better? Which prayer is more effective? Which hymn reflects theology better? Which denomination has it sussed? Which faith has the Big Cheese God? How many times a week must I read the bible? How many times a day should I pray? How should I pray? How should I read the bible? Why I should want to read the bible – why I am reading the bible wrong – why I am not hearing the voice of God – why I do not have enough faith – why I am not yet a “mature Christian”.

Exhibit three: The feather and the ball AND 40 tonnes of religious tradition

Who loves the most … who loves the least?  Who is most deserving of love … who the least?  Who needs saving … who doesn’t?  Who should we help … who should help themselves?  When should we worship … why we should worship … how we should worship .. where we should worship.  That is NOT worship … that is intercession … that is NOT praise … that is reflection.  That is not good theology … that is merely whimsical.  That is washing the car on a Sunday morning … that is NOT church!

Mr Paul, please accept that religious tradition is … tradition (obviously) … it has stood the test of time … all our churches subscribe to it … we have seminaries and colleges perpetuating it … awarding degrees in it … because, Mr Paul, when it comes to God –  just where would we be without tradition … ?

The ball and feather is not the problem.  The 40 tonnes is.

Take away 40 tonnes of oxygen and I die.

But the ball and feather fall at the same speed.  Land at the same time.  Are no different in a vacuum.


Take away 40 tonnes of religious tradition and I live.

Imagine the feather and ball to be love. Each loves. All love. All help.
That is theology is church.
Imagine the ball and feather to be sin. All the same.
Imagine the ball and the feather to be neighbours. All the same.
Imagine the ball and feather to be God and Jesus. Both the same.
Strip away 40 tonnes of religious tradition and what are you left with?

Exhibit …. who cares?


A window to heaven.

Unconditional love.

Here and now.

On earth as it is in heaven.

And the key?

Is the ball and feather without 40 tonnes.

featherandball   featherandball2

When I meet you all I have to do is to imagine us (without 40 tonnes of my crap).
When you lead a group of disciples all you have to do is imagine each one (without 40 tonnes of “I have been chosen for this role” crap).
When you are met with a smelly homeless outcast …
When you are presented with a label that is biblically a problem (to 40 tonnes of religious tradition crap) …
When you wish you had enough faith …

Imagine the ball and feather.

Imagine you and God are that ball and feather.
Breathe the sweet oxygen of Life
Discard your toxic tang of 40 tonnes of tradition.
And now measure who has more (or less) faith?

Now try that with you and God and fear …
Now try that with you and God and change …
Now try that with anything you have in your life right now …
And now tell me I cannot have unconditional love right here right now.

And now tell me why.

I have been given a key to a window on heaven.  And now anything is possible.  Everything is possible.  I lose 40 tonnes of slow death and whatever He invites is possible.

Is that what we mean when we sing … He has conquered death He is King of Kings?

So why do we just sing about it?

Why not open your window to heaven and have it …

Right now?




“Heaven Window” from Dan @ FreeDigitalPhotos.net


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