Love, Giving, and Hebrew

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That post I wrote yesterday is the cleanest, most efficient illustration of engaging with God that you will ever find on the internet … It is an excellent piece of writing … My post wasn’t just another post, but a complete resource … an impressively clean interface … That post can’t be topped even by God Himself … The fact that my post is not a fake post makes it a delight to read and sweetens this already excellent blog.” Take away 40 tonnes

Sound familiar … like as in “40 tonnes of bull familiar”?

“That post I wrote yesterday is a post.”

And that is how you take away 40 tonnes.


Love v Unconditional Love

The four letter word – love – is as common as dandruff (and often as annoying).  It’s on all our shoulders.  Love is what songs are about, what poems are about, what angst is about, what lust is about, what vague attraction is about … What pain is about, what expectations are about, what entitlement is about, what ecstasy is about, what parents are about, what lovers are about, what the whole world is about …

The addition of “unconditional” I have used over and over again in this blog. I mean by unconditional love the same as “Agape” love.  Always the Greek “agape” as biblical scholars use.  One of the five (or six words) Greek has for love – always that number quoted.  Agape is “the top love” – the purest bestest love.

” Agape” love … “Unconditional” love.

The love of God for us.  A love we can never achieve for God or each other.  Maybe we can as a fleeting passion – but not as a state of mind.  Because we are sinners – so we can’t do agape love.  We can only do love (of a lesser “less best” kind).  We are not God.  And only God can do that agape love.  Because He is agape love and we aren’t.  That is the law (as written into centuries of Christian Tradition).

Love v Love

Okay Paul, you can be the feather and I’ll be the ball. But while we are up here waiting for this “40 tonnes of tradition” to be extracted … a question for you. What language did I speak?
Well, I am guessing Hebrew kind of words from what I know.
Bingo! And how many words for love are there in Hebrew?
I haven’t a clue!
Nor me.

And as we hung there next to each other, the final “sweet scent of tradition” was sucked clean away …

One …



That was fun!  Now … let’s get serious again – this is a serious scientific endeavour: who landed first – your “love” or my “agape”?

40 tonnes of “conditional” qualified traditional scholarly endeavour removed …

Love is love.

My love … God’s love … they are the same.

If I allow.


NB: The Hebrew words for love?

Love in Hebrew is “Ahava” , which is made up of three basic Hebrew letters . These three letters actually are broken down into two parts: a two letter base or root, and the first letter, which is a modifier. The meaning of the two letter base, is “to give”. The letter “aleph”, which precedes these two letters, comes to modify the meaning of the base word, “give”. The meaning of ahava , is “I give” and also “love”The true relationships that our meaningful in our lives are those in which mutual giving takes place. The giving may be physical, emotional, intellectual or a combination. But without giving from ourselves, no relationship can be enduring. That is the secret of love that is revealed to us by the Hebrew language. This is the secret that is invested in the language by The Creator. Love, Giving, and Hebrew




Wanna do that again Paul .. do you .. do you … do you … pleeeeeeeze ….


7 thoughts on “Love, Giving, and Hebrew

  1. God is love, He first loved us, He fills us with his love and we are changed, resurrected a new creation… because the flesh can not contain pure love just as old wine skins can not hold new wine… pure love of God YaHaVaH… does not get any better than this … raptured up in pure ecstasy so that nothing can steal your joy… joy is made complete and love perfected… it is only when we live by our fleshly emotions, thoughts, feelings, that steal our joy, peace and love of God and for God! there is no greater love… than to lay ones life down for a friend. Yet Jesus laid down his life for not only his people but the wicked who hated him and crucified him… not realizing they were bring salvation to us all! All things are good in the Fathers hands… Because he is good and he can only do good… I love him more and more as he continues to fill me with his truth… My heart enlarges its borders and the tent pegs are stretched ever tighter to make room for him… He is truth. He is the Word… He never changes…


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