What’s Love got to do with it

After writing this morning’s post I was playing that song over and over again.  And He drew me back to the same line over and over again: “You’d better trust in me like I trust in you” – Simply Red (2 minutes 12 seconds through the video)

And right below it on my phone was this:

What’s love got to do, got to do with it, What’s love but a second hand emotion, What’s love got to do, got to do with it, Who needs a heart when a heart can be broken.”
What’s Love Got to do with it” – Tina Turner


How can I love you if you don’t trust me?
Can you really have a relationship with someone you don’t trust?
If there no trust there is no relationship.
Trust in me.
Says the Lord.
Better not.
Says I.

Paul, has it ever crossed your mind that love and trust are not mutually exclusive?  Has it never seemed odd at all … you are all content … you all rest in me in complete confidence … that “I Love You”  … even though you don’t love me the same … even though you can’t help but “sin” (against me?) … and that you pray for more faith … and that you moan with the burden of my cross  … and that YOU do not trust ME … never ever seemed just the tiniest bit “odd” … ?

Yet in your own loving relationships you demand and expect that your partner “loves you” (or there is no relationship) … that your partner “trusts you” (or there is no love).

40 tonnes of “something” springs to mind.

I loved you even before you ever trusted me.  I love you whether you trust me or not.  I will love you whether or not you ever do trust me.

>>> and in answer to your unspoken question … That is “not” most of the time, Paul.

But what about this – have you ever thought whether I trust you?  And isn’t that linked to whether or not I love you?

Because do I trust you – and with what – who – when – how much – how little?  And if I do trust you – why do I trust you?  Because you keep letting me down, you keep putting things off, you keep stalling for time, you keep looking for a second opinion (and third and fourth, etc), you keep lying to me, you keep cheating on me, you keep on “studying me”, you debate for hours whether or not you “have heard my voice” correctly …

(and then you still do what you want)

And then what I call the biggies: “God, make me love You more” … “Dear Jesus, grow my faith in You” … “Dear Father, help my unbelief” …  Not only do you take for granted that I love you – but you also expect me to (“abracadabra ..!”) make YOU love ME better … love me more … love me more often … like as though “That is how love works, God – make it work and make it work now!”  But back to trust and love …

Remind me again, Paul, how many years was it before you trusted me?

50 years or so – give or take the odd decade.

And yet …

And yet throughout that whole time you followed me. You walked with me. You trusted me to be me. You allowed me to be – as I now allow you in me. And yet … throughout all that time you loved me. No trust required.

No trust required, Paul.


This “extracting 40 tonnes” is the most fun I have in many decades!   Wanna do it some more Paul .. do you .. do you … do you … pleeeeeeeze …. 



What’s Love Got to do with it – Tina Turner


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