Those words bit

“Why would God allow Christians to be … “

Sometimes one verse in a lengthy blog-post jumps out like a spitting snake. Does that ever happen to you? There I am reading with interest, caught up in the narrative, when all of a sudden WHAM … !!  I have two teeth impaled in my soul.

They say that smell by-passes the thinking brain and goes straight to the hard-wired brain. A scent of this … the perfume of that … a whiff of a certain specific smelly atom or two and WHAM … !!  My mind is transported somewhere else … a memory … a moment … a feeling … a place …

Why would God allow Christians to be … WHAM … !!

The rest of that blog-post flowed. Those words bit. They never used to. I used to read words like that and nod along. Those words were just more “narrative furniture”. I saw them – heard them – all the time. Words like that used to be invisible.  And now they are not.

Now they are a sedative, a tranquil-iser, a spiritual sleeping pill. Now those words are my snake: “This won’t hurt a bit – you are a Christian – God will look after you – He looks after His own – He keeps you from the harm visited upon the sinners and the unsaved – you have rights – you can rightly expect a return on your faith – you are a Christian.”

WTF … ?

Spiritual sleeping pills. Pews made for slumbering. Words made for membership. The God Club – the most exclusive club in all Creation!

I vomit. I retch. I spew.

This (unintentional) medication spouted by “Christians” for “Christians” brings to mind “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest” –  A must-see film a few decades ago. Jack Nicholson incarcerated not in the usual prison as the consequence of a custodial sentence. But playing the system so as to be housed with “the nuts”. And then stirring things up and becoming “the nuts” saviour. And then having that troublesome part of his brain removed for causing trouble in the “nut-house”.  Tranquility and medication time restored again. Man’s inhumanity to man once again the order of the (chemically induced) day (and night).

Why would God allow Christians to be … WHAM … !!

I used to be (religiously induced) compliant. Then God Soft Hands Jesus changed all that. He rocked up in the batmobile in a full Batman costume. He slouched all over the couch as I studied the bible. And He stood between me and the evil one when the evil one showed up for a showdown. He has always been alive, He always is alive.

My God Soft Hands Jesus lives in me right now.  He is movement.  He is not “a church” nor “a denomination” and He might just be not a “just one faith” either.

But whatever He is and is not – He is not “induced” by any institution or association or club membership that I have ever seen. My God Soft Hands Jesus is so “WTF huge” – and so “WTF intimate” – that He cannot be induced or inducted by anyone or anything.

He loves all.

Being a Christian is a statement of my intent – not His. Being a Christian does not make me anything different – I do that. Being a Christian is no more than a label in the back of my shirt collar. A label I choose (and choose – or forget – every moment just what it means to me).  Just as quite often, if I allow, I might just choose what me being a Christian should mean to you.  None of which (I am pretty sure) means anything at all to God Jesus.

Who loves all.

Why this post?  Because I have come to know that one moment with a stranger makes a difference. Just as one moment with a lover can be life-changing.  So too just a few words in a long blog-post … WHAM … !

When He is alive in you …
would you really want to swallow spiritual sleeping pills?

When He is ALIVE within you …
being a “Christian” can be one label too many.

Because I love all.
Because He loves all.
Because Love is.

8 thoughts on “Those words bit

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  2. “When He is alive in you …
    would you really want to swallow spiritual sleeping pills?”

    I never liked sleeping pills. I’ll take the “fully alive with the fullness that fills God” pill please. 🙂
    I loved every waking word, bro!


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