Praying the impossible … continued



Bar n Bus update …

We are now “Bar n Gazebo

(after “buses & cost” v “churches & finance” had irreconcilable differences).


The buses went to the scrapyard and were recycled into many other useful things (I hope). Bar n Bus explored various church-led alternatives … none of which were viable (as all came with “irreconcilable differences”).

But then we found the local council has youth service buses available to borrow at virtually no cost.  It seems that secular Youth Outreach and our religious “pop-up” coffee bar in the dark (and very cold) car-park have no irreconcilable differences.

There is, of course, the small matter of paperwork first …

“I have, been able to make some progress with XXXXXXX Service. We have signed a partnership agreement and I have passed on your licence details to XXXX – the man who deals with XXXXX.  He advises me that the process involves him checking our licences on the XXXX website.  For that he requires an XXXXX that you can get at XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.  To do so you will need your XXXXX number, XXXXX number and the XXXXX shown on your licence. That then generates XXXXX code that is valid for XXXXX weeks allowing your XXXXX to be viewed by anyone who is given the code.”

“Serving the Lord” meets “servants of the people”.

There will be, of course, further forms and checks and processes to complete once this search has satisfactorily scoured our driving licences for secular sins.

So for those who think I have a (slightly) jaundiced view of “church” … serving the Lord comes with a lot less paperwork than servants of the people demands.

Who would have known!

(and that still means “the church” chops down way more trees than God ever intended when He gave us stewardship of “all living things on the face of the earth”)

But what I find very sad is this …

The “secular” council (under so much financial pressure right now) can still find resources that the (ecumenical group of) local churches can not will not find due to “other priorities”.

Pictures to follow (after due process)


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