Follow for follow

I have a few things I hold dear about blogging here.
a) This internet community is real people.
b) This internet community is real.
c) I cannot claim copyright for hearing God Soft Hands Jesus.

There are a few things I hold dear about this community.
1) My God will bring others to me.
2) Our God will bring me to others.
3) I accept or not His hand in these connections.

Twice now I have seen “Follow for follow.”  Once here some time ago, and then again tonight elsewhere.

There are many things I can, and do, disagree with in the blog-posts here.  If I didn’t this would not be community – it would be a sham.

And there are many beautiful things that can, and do, invite me to be touched, to be changed, and to be more like the Lord I love – you are those blog-post writers. I thank you all.  The God in you has met me day after day.  Right here where I am right now.

That is precious.

So what place does “Follow for follow! God bless!” have in this sacred, dynamic, vibrant, living space?  This space of community and fellowship.

Surely it is the market place – a transaction: “I invested my time in not just in reading (maybe) your post, but then typing these few words (usually telling you how good my blog is) underneath it.  I clicked your follow button – and now you owe me.  You have to follow me (those are the rules) – capeesh?”

“Follow for follow.  God bless.”




16 thoughts on “Follow for follow

  1. I always look at a persons profile and read some of their post. I want to maximize my time with folks I can help. Believe it or not there are folks that just want to be a pain in the keister . I also want to follow folks that will impart good things into my life. Which is not always pleasant and comfortable. I like to think everyone is important enough for me to follow. The truth is there are as I said earlier those that have made the choice to go a way I cannot help them or them me. I cannot get into follow for follow. I feel guilty enough that I can’t ready daily all the blogs I follow now. Every single one holds mountains of blessings for me when I interact with them, all are precious and valuable . I reblogged one this am that I followed some time back and have yet to set down and read his blog daily. Man was I missing out. Just not enough time. I am setting here reflecting on their names. Some of you I call you family I have known you so long. I can tell when your mad and when its time to give you space. I love you all so much. Wally,Elouise,Susan,James….. and the fellow who this domain belongs to hehe! to many to name here ,I might leave one out and they would be hurt. Anyway Paul you got me to thinking again this am bro. Blessings to all of you.

    Much Love Tom

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    • 🙂

      So much of what you say is how I also find this blogworld. And why, more and more, I leave the guilt behind and lean on Him. The connections and the timing always lack my logic but are always full of His love. More and more I never wish to put my “logic” in the way of such riches.
      As for thinking? Yep! You gift me that as well. Thank you, Tom.

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  2. I think WP is behind that notion. When you start a blog, they tell you to follow others to get people to your site. I never really “followed” their advice. 🙂 I personally have very limited time to write and read here, so I’ve had to limit those I follow (I would probably follow 100 more if I had the time.) But I do try to read every blog I follow and contribute. And, as you said, we should follow to join in the “space of community and fellowship..” That’s what I’m looking for, too. And your “space” has been a blessing to me in that way. 🙂

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    • The “numbers” are the thing I find the greatest temptation. Years ago I told my wife my hours spent at work were for us (complete with disappointed frown in my voice). I believed it then (or at least enough to sound credible). Yet looking back it was always about me. Either this or that but always about me at the centre.
      I find some of that same duplicity in the “numbers” here – “It’s for us, God.” – with that same “sounding credible”. Except trying to guilt-trip God is futile. Never worked on my wife either I learned years later. Both she and God let me be me. Except God is much kinder about letting me be me.

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