The Voice

I love watching The Voice: The Blind Auditions.

A contestant sings to the four judges (all seeking talent for their “team”).  The judges sit with their back to the contestant so that all visual clues are removed.  If a judge(s) want that contestant on their team, they press a button and their chair rotates so they can now see the contestant.  If no one presses a button, the song finishes and the contestant leaves.  If chairs turn, then the judges sell themselves to the contestant and the contestant chooses which judge they want to join.  And if just one chair turns, then that contestant and that judge work together.

Later in the programme there are further “thinning out” stages where contestants are both ejected and can swap teams.  And then the finals and an eventual “winner”.

I like “the blinds”.

And yet …

The judges watch each other and the audience (who see the contestant). They look for reactions and confirmations. The listen and look even when they cannot see the contestant.

And they play games. They use diversionary tactics – they play mind-games with each other. The audience knows it’s part of the “game” and plays along as well.  And the contestant is something akin to a gladiator in the circus.  Awaiting a final thumbs up or down.  There is no such things as “blinds” – we all fill in the gaps with other stuff when one sense is deprived.  It is how we survive, how we avoid danger, how we interact with each other.

“Whoever pursues righteousness and love finds life, prosperity and honour.” Proverbs 21:21

I found there is no such thing as “blinds” when reading the bible either.  I will use other stuff to fill the gaps when the context is removed.  And when the context is there – I will “see” what the verse looks like (and my stuff will colour the context).

I wonder …

Does church and fellowship hinder or help our “blinds” meeting with God?  Do I pick my cues from others … do I listen to the Christian media audience and its commentaries and comments … am I able to put down my “stuff” or not … ?

Because I found myself checking myself in my “Christian Church mirror” as I pondered this one verse from Proverbs: “Am I conforming to biblical and church expectations … what does prosperity mean to me and can I default to heavenly prosperity … am I defaulting to a tick-list or am I genuine … am I doing it because “I Am” (or am I doing it for I Am – or you – or them – or us) … ?”

I am doing “blinds” with the Word of God – and not doing “blinds” at all – I am doing mind-games with me and my inner panel of judges – my inner audience of boos and cheers …

I am playing “The Voice” (and I am not hearing His voice).

“And now you do. Now you hear. And now we can be as one.

Did I not create all of you? Did I not create you with the ability of freewill, for always choosing your choices, always interacting with others the same – who also have freewill, who always make their own choices?

Is that not you “finding life”?

So what are you going to do with life once you find it?  How are you going to live?  Who do you want on your “team” – your collection of strengths and weaknesses – your raw talent to be formed living with you and your life?

“Whoever pursues … “ THOSE are the key words in that verse.  The rest is your raw talent to be nurtured and formed as you see fit.  But unless YOU pursue something you have actively chosen – you will pursue something you passively allowed. 

Will you actively pursue love – or will you passively allow mediocrity?  Will you actively pursue integrity – or will you passively allow those who shout the loudest?  Will you actively pursue me – or passively allow religion as your god?  Will you actively pursue knowing me – or passively accept others’ opinions?”

Dear God Soft Hands Jesus – you watched me pick apart that verse. You watched me ignore / miss / not even see those two words. You listened to my mind-games – my checking my “Christian mirror”. You waited for me to allow You.

And now I am left with not a verse – not with my “Christian Mirror” – not even what am “I pursuing” … I am left with this:

Do I wait?

Do I wait for you?

Do I wait for you like my GSHJ waits for me?



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