“What if … ” then

Yesterday …

“Imagine that I, your Lord God (and all that)
Stand in awe of you!
“What if … “ then?”

God in awe of me? How does that work?

But why shouldn’t that work? How can God truly love me without being in awe of me? Anything else is transaction  – again: “I love You.  But You, God, are better than me. So I owe You for even choosing to love me. Thank you. I will now spend my life in obedience to You. I know what I have to do.  The bible tells me so.  That should clear the debt.”

And then “what if …”
Without reference to Me

Why do we need “God” to be nice to each other?  Why do we need to tell non-Christians that they have it wrong?  Why do we need to waft this “Christian thing” as a reason to be nice to others?

Doesn’t that mean that we are kinder than those without God – who have not been saved – who are not as good as us – and isn’t that just a tad judgmental?  And doesn’t that separate us from each other as well as God?

Stand in awe …
Each other …”

Love doesn’t pick and choose. Love is or is not. Light is or is not. Relationship is or is not.

Why do we pick and choose when to be light and when not?  Why do we pick and choose who to relate to and who to not?  Why do we choose to love some and choose some to not love the same?

“Because the bible says so”

Is that the best we Christians can do?   Is that our final doctrinal word?

Because the bible says a lot of stuff we choose to ignore … that we choose to leave in the past … that we choose to excuse as “no longer how we do things around here”.

Why do we know better than God which bits work and which don’t?  Why is it that we need the bible to tell us how we live with each?  How is that “Christian”?

And what would happen if we relied less on the bible that separates us from them – and relied more on each other – just loved each other – without needing them to agree with “my God and my bible”?

“What … if … “ then … ?

I wasn’t a Christian, Paul.  I never had that label.  Just as I never had the same bible you have now.  It wasn’t around in my time.

But remember this – nor did all of you “way back yonder”.  You were already “here” when the part-bible was first written.  Or else it would not have been written.  And yet you all seemed to rub along together, give or take the odd massacre.  Although massacres still happen today – ands that is with the whole-bible in place all over the place for years and years now.

I have a thought for you … Why not try taking me (as you rigidly define me) out of the equation and just being kind to each other?

What would that look like … ?”

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