Maybe … or maybe not.

Maybe something …


Maybe nothing …


Maybe something …


Maybe it’s okay to kidnap God as a soundtrack to triumphalism.  Maybe it’s not.  Maybe God minds.  Maybe not.  Maybe having a Battle Hymn is okay.  Maybe we should all have a Battle Hymn.  Maybe not.

Maybe I shouldn’t be struck by a divided Christian Nation wanting to heal … the playing of that Battle Hymn of the Republic getting a teary eye.  Why shouldn’t a rousing version of “Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord” unite a divided nation.  Maybe the Lord is as proud as the cheering crowds …

Of what exactly?

Of a great firework show?  Of a carefully choreographed televisual spectacle?  Of “Make  ME great again”?  Or the reality of bullets hurled into living flesh?  Of high-tech killing precision and low-tech bludgeoning butchery.  Of intentionally dehumanising a sacred human simply to make killing that (now sub) human being so much easier … ?

Maybe the Lord is proud of that.  Maybe not.

Mine eyes have seen The Glory of The Coming of The Lord!

Maybe that’s something …

Maybe it’s nothing …

Enjoy the fireworks (again)


jesus laughing monkeys.      .   featherandball           jesus_nailed_to_the_cross

Maybe God should be eye candy/ear candy to make me (look) great again …

Or maybe not.

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