Is this love? Q1

Okay God.  Here is my first question about love.

I am a sinner who is hard-wired to sin. So I cannot be around you because me and sin is to You and Jesus what kryptonite is to Superman.  You cannot stand the stink of sin.  So I might damage your God-ness if You come to close to me and my sin.

Which I think is weird – because that means sin is stronger than you (or being around sin would be no big deal for You).  But because it is, Jesus died to wash me clean (and everyone everywhere through all time – which is so much better than Superman!) so you can love me (and ditto) without bring zapped by my (and ditto) “kryptonite sin”.

So if I (and ditto) am “saved” and have (already) been washed clean – why do I (and ditto) have to be “saved” again by saying the magic words?  And then – even if I (and ditto) go and get saved (again) .. why do I have to be baptised?  Because if I (and ditto) am washed clean already – why do I have to baptised to be … washed clean … again … ?

(and re-reading my question for typos – why can’t You and me just love each other without all these conditions?)

Sorry if these seem like silly questions.  It’s just that just loving You and being loved by You doesn’t seem to be enough around here.  Being saved (again) and being washed clean (again) – that’s how it works around here.

Is that what you mean by love, God?

No, Paul – it’s not.

5 thoughts on “Is this love? Q1

  1. I am thinking of the thief on the cross and the simplicity of his salvation. Man (and religion…NOT what Jesus was about) corrupts the beauty and simplicity of Jesus’ message and that moment on the cross when the thief recognized his own sin and recognized he needed (and wanted) to be saved (not from the cross but from his sin and an eternity of weeping and gnashing of teeth). He simply looked to the Messiah and believed in Him. No walking down an aisle. No sitting in a prayer closet. No attending potlucks after a Sunday sermon. No fellowship. No Bible study. No baptism.

    Simple: Belief alone in Christ alone.

    Man mucks it all up by attempting to weigh us down with rules and they try desperately to stand in the way of our relationship with God. Jesus died on that cross, was buried and resurrected and then ascended to heaven SO THAT nothing would stand in our way. All this other stuff is distraction. We are to fix our eyes on Him. Jesus said, “Follow Me,” NOT “follow My followers”. We cling so desperately to rules and attempt to plug our relationship with Him into an equation because we think that will somehow be easier. If I do X and Y, then God will ABC.

    God IS love. He IS just and faithful. No matter if we do X or Y or anything. Does that mean we sit around like lumps of clay and do nothing? Does that give us license to sin and run amok in the streets looking like the world, not being the “set apart” people He wants us to be? No. But He will love us if we do. Still. Always. Because we have faith alone in Christ alone. Because our Father is love.

    As usual, Paul, you get the wheels turning and you get me to go back to God. Thank you for always asking the questions so many are afraid to ask and having the strength to so openly work out the answers.

    Big hugs to you, my dirt brother.

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    • Side note:
      The “cleansing” has nothing to do with us. It’s not about who we are or what we do. It has nothing to do with an action on our part–symbolic or otherwise. It’s about Who God is and what Christ did FOR us. We ARE cleansed. Period. It’s done. It’s complete. We (as believers) can’t undo our cleansing (through sinning or walking in darkness), because it’s finished.

      Just another thought I had…


  2. Dearest Heather, your words transcend words. Your heart and words outflow your love. Your gift of love here is beautiful. Thank you.

    ((hugs)) to the power of infinity. ❤❤❤


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