Is this love? Q1 … ponderings

“There’s no way to comprehend real loss other than to walk through it—and once you have you want to walk with others because you know how terribly painful it is.”
A Companion in the Grief Valley –

Making disciples. Isn’t that what “make disciples” is all about?  Wanting to walk with others because you know how terribly wonderful love is?

Wanting to walk.

Just like Jesus walked.  Like Jesus wanted to.  Wanted to so much.  More than life itself.  A life He need never have lived on this earth.  A life that did not end with “death” on an earth that is never corrupt – never can be corrupt (check out the closed areas around Chernobyl thirty years on).

“Wanting to” is what corrupts … or loves …

When wanting to becomes “What About Me?” (whatever that means). Because What About Me is the voice of those who can be heard. Who have enough to be heard.

Those who love have no want of What About Me – they want you to hear “What about this inhumanity of ME and YOU to another?”

I read the words above by John M and see … love. The love of one who lives with loss. The love of one who loves beyond death.  I read the words of Caralyn and see … love.  I read the words Don Merritt and see … love. I read the words of Mark Meyers and see … love.

I read the words of so many who want to walk alongside other’s journeys – I see so many who don’t want to own others’ journeys.

But I see many who do.

I hear the enticing whisper of a “serpentine figure” in so many Godly places …

“We can help, we can heal, we can show you something better, we want you to follow us – and you know you want to follow us. God has led you to us!  Hallelujah!  Praise the Lord and all that!”

The “us” who have faith and now present faith as fact.  The us who have named “facts” and now use them as evidence.

The Garden of Eden is now a fact.  Noah and the drowning of countless lives is now a fact.  Battles and slaughter in God’s name are now facts.  Everything in the bible is now a fact (apart from the bits “us” choose to interpret because “us” deem them to be not for these times and “us” culture: “God gets it even you don’t, Paul.  Because the bible is of God and that is a fact!  So when you walk with us – when you follow us – then we will teach you which bits you can and which you can’t.  Because we know of God so much more than you know of God!”  )

And then (for me and my journey) the biggest controlling “fact” of all:

“We are all sinners and we know how to save you.  And until you walk with us you can never be saved (and if you come to us claiming to be already saved – well … you won’t want to rock our comfortable little boat will you … ?  Because just how would that help God and our kingdom work?)”

Oddly – and this may just be me – I hear another unspoken “fact” …

We don’t want to walk on water – only saints (and “special Christians” who really give their lives to God can do that).  But we have proper jobs and family and houses and holidays and pension funds and the future to worry about. So we want to be “normal Christians” – we want to stay in the boat (so that when we die we all go to heaven).

Paul that is harsh! That is out of order. That is not Christian! That is not biblical!  That is not good theology. We cannot have you preach that subversive teaching to our flocks!  Good God … !  You would disturb them and frighten them away!  You would have them question everything that we are.  You would have us ALL walking on water – and that would never do!  Because when it comes to God we know so much more than you!  We have qualifications.  We have a constitution (or conference or whatever the uniting document “we” all obey).  Read our creed – study our hymns – pray over our prayer books – absorb our evidence!  We have facts.  Whereas you have only this inappropriate “love” to offer.  Well really …

What would God think of “that”?


Hugh Hollowell


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