Is this Love? Q3

Dearest God –

Just as I have been taught, I am spending my whole life looking for sin.  And let me tell You this … I am having some big successes.

You will find a lot less “big sins”, and a load more “tiny sins”.  And I know that makes You happy.  That’s what everyone says: You look for sin because you cannot live next to sin!  So here I am Lord – doing my best for You dearest God.

And when it gets to the point that both You and me have to look really hard for the tiniest smidgeon of sin in me …  Well –

I would be an inspiration to others!  I could have a ministry … an outreach … I would need loads of funding (obviously)!  Because I would do great work for You.  Not just locally – but (with the right funding and people) I would do great work for You all over this wicked and depraved planet that You despise.  I would root out sin on a global scale!  Just like Your Son did all those years ago!

Imagine that … I could be just like Jesus!  Because the less sin You find in me – the more I become You!

I am on the right track, dear God, aren’t I … ?  This is what You meant by “love” isn’t it?

Father … ?

God … ?

Jesus … ?

Are Any of You there … ?


NB: On this occasion there was no comment from the Heavenly Household.

Thank you.


4 thoughts on “Is this Love? Q3

  1. “On this occasion there was no comment from the Heavenly Household.”

    You just need to try a little harder, Paul. Or maybe there’s still be some sin in your life, so He can’t talk to you…otherwise, God would’ve certainly answered you. 🙂


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