Is this Love? Q3 – it’s not my fault

God is in control. I have surrendered my life to Him. I will obey Him. I will serve Him. I will become Him (just as soon as I die and am freed from my human sin). Until then He is in control, it’s just that I can’t decide how best to serve Him.

God is in control. Time and time again, day after day, I teach that God is in control, but live my life making my own decisions.

Which is me being in control – not God. Which is me teaching one thing – and doing another.  So just when does teaching stop and relationship begin?   When does 40 tonnes of stuff ever get extracted?  And why does 40 tonnes of stuff cling so tenaciously?

Because we are sinners, Paul – read your bible!

Which brings us full circle to: “I am a sinner and it’s not my fault.”


I have long wondered if Jesus came to set right the transaction of The Garden.

Whether the transaction of debt and sin was the reason Jesus walked this earth with us. Whether the dying and the rising was the reason. Because that means The Garden is fact.  And that means Revelations is also fact.  And that means that every verse in every chapter in every book is also fact.  And that means that this blog and every word written is also fact.  Because if the only reason these beliefs are “facts” is because they are in the bible – that makes no sense at all.

Not even to me – and I believe – I am a follower – I love my Living God.

We are sinners. The Garden. Adam and Eve. The Fall … It’s not my fault.

I know someone who blamed his parents into his forties for blighting him as a human being. His childhood did not have as much time, money, possessions, gifts and fun as it should have had. He was not the person he would have been if … He was number two. He had five brothers and sisters.

I thought he was nuts. I never thought it was because he was a sinner because of Adam and Eve, now forgiven because of Jesus and the Cross. He was simply nuts and should have grown a pair (which he eventually did – no God involved).

False teaching. The Christian Tradition. 40 tonnes of stuff

Haven’t we just replaced the old transaction system with a new “post-sacrifice” transaction system that is (also) not our fault?



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