Is this love? Q4

Okay then God –

Three questions in – and the reflections and conversations have been revealing. But as we move to question four, I have a question that is so simple it hardly seems worthy of bringing to You.

Ask it, Paul – I know your question – ask it now.

Well, God –
Question four is this: When did it become okay to pretend?
Just how did this beautiful love affair become a marriage of convenience – and why? Why plod along with this sham of a relationship when the real thing is so much better? Why does the establishment prefer sham to shamazing?

I asked them same thing a couple of thousand years ago – look where it got me!

Do you mind if I waffle a bit …

Waffle away my son.

So this sham is not what you call love? Because I was almost convinced it was when I was a new Christian – as I gathered together to worship each Sunday – as I studied the bible together alone – and the knowing looks, the nods, the cliques and networking.  I (almost!) believed that I would have to “mature” as they told me I would – even if it took me another 20 years of service as it had them (I think).

Has my church damaged you, Paul?

You already asked me that through another.  No – not damaged.  Disillusioned and disappointed?  Yes.

Would you mind if I asked Question Four today?

Not at all Lord.

You might have heard this asked already – but let’s give it go anyway …
Question 4:
Who do you say I am?

Oh dear God – you do make me laugh!  🙂
I say you are Love – I say everything else is a distraction.

A supplementary if I may … ?

Fire away –

What is love?

This is love. This. Is. Love.  Right now.  In this moment.

So nothing spectacular, nothing earth shattering, nothing out of the ordinary … ?

Are you kidding me, God?  THIS moment is YOU and ME!  This moment I AM and you ARE.  And all this “fear and trembling”, all that “service and obedience”, all the “duty and obligation” – all that “must and must not” – all that “debt and sin” … all “that” just clogs up the love pipes!

This unassuming moment, dearest Father, is exactly why I cannot find duty and burden in love.  It is why I cannot find any cross to carry.  It is why I cannot find anything at all to offend me.  You cannot offend me.  You don’t how.  I love your one-word answers – I love your silences (and that you let me work out why) – I love the fact you want me to succeed all the time – I love that I can chat with you as much or as little as I am in any moment – I love that you hear my prayers before I utter the words – and I love that you want me to utter the words anyway – I love how you allow me to breathe and grow – I love you because of who you are and who I am.  And ONLY because of that … I WILL follow where YOU lead!

And THAT is the news we should all hear – THAT is the wonder we should all experience – and THAT is the passion we should all carry.  Because how can “Love” get all tired and worn out?  This love can’t …  not unless I allow.
(and THAT needs saying as well)

You wear me out, Paul!  And I so love your energy!  🙂

Wanna boogie like little children boogie … ?


Justin Fletcher – Hands Up

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