Does that sound familiar?

Bumped into a spiritualist last night.


“We don’t have services like you have services. We don’t believe in God like you believe in God. We believe in a Divine Being.”

Well, that sounds a lot like God in my book – even the bible.

We got talking about love.  And found we had even more in common.  When we both find something we want to listen to – I always find it amazing how much we all have in common – and how easily we connect.

Then there was the “tradition stuff” –

Did you know spiritualists believe in healing (unlike “us”?) Did you know they have kind of hymn singing …. ?  That they gather together twice a week … ?  That they have “spiritualists” in to talk to them about “spiritualism” … ?

Does any of that sound “familiar”?

Within a minute or two the “us and them” had stopped because the connections were flowing.

So I wonder this morning ….

How are you at defending your faith?

Have a great weekend

2 thoughts on “Does that sound familiar?

  1. You’re right about the “us” versus “them” thing getting in the way. It’s all about relationship. Like you, I find common ground and then see if there’s an opportunity to show how Jesus is their “unknown God” (Acts 17). For instance, I recently led a professed Buddhist to Christ by simply leading her to Christ (instead of arguing theology). When she found Him, there was nothing to argue about. She loves Jesus now! 🙂


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