Church Culture

Thoughts from Portugal …

Last night I was complimented on my singing.

It’s a very rare occasion.


My internal music system is like lift music.  Not much thought and always on in the background.

Last night I had the song “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen in my head. We were in a restaurant enjoying overcooked fish.  And, as the gentle conversation breathed and paused, my internal and external music became one – much as happens in the shower – except much quieter (I thought).  Leonard Cohen does not demand vocal excellence.

It was an odd feeling being complimented on what I thought only mine.

And this morning the guessed lyrics I was humming last night sent me googling.  And I found them.  They are ambiguous.  They can be interpreted.  They can be edited.  There seems to be no definitive version.

And along the way I found this –

How Pop Culture Wore Out Leonard Cohen’s ‘Hallelujah’

(have a read, I will wait until you come back)

Hello again …

Because as I was reading that article, He whispered this with a chuckle …

How church culture wore out God Soft Hands Jesus’s “Hallelujah””


Obrigado 🙂


Hallelujah, Leonard Cohen


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