Faith culture

Thoughts from Portugal …

The sound of waves is our background music.  It is majestic music.


We throw extra blankets on the bed so we can leave our balcony door open all night.  All night long the sound of land and sea making love.  It is emotive love-making.  A caress.  A cry.  A constant.  The sound of two become one.  Right there outside our room.  This planet lives and loves without distraction.  Lying there this morning whilst still dark, I became as one.

The fluid that is my creation, the molecules that is each sea cell of me … I was of this song of love between land and sea.  I was of something primal.  I am of something way before words.  Way before cognitive thought.  Way before my bible.  Way before being taught I was in but could not be of.

(not for you to allow me to be as one of your faith)

Words that made no sense … I was in and of … I was of one … I was in one … I was of one (and I survived to write the words)

My God becomes bigger as I am of this primal connection.

Because as my body was caressed by the sounds and tremors of love, I found my thoughts like grains of sand … tiny … inconsequential … irrelevant.  Like diamond seeds washed back and forth in this ceaseless love-making … glitters of light … flashes of connection …

What might my faith be without my bible?  What is my faith without my church?  What are my beliefs without the tradition of teaching?  What would my defended theology be with only these waves … these extra blankets … these ripples of something ancient within …

And then this –

What might each of our faith be if we each allowed of this primal connection …

What if we each put down our defended sacred texts …

Why then would I ever need your god to die

In favour of my God?



2 thoughts on “Faith culture

  1. Paul – this is exquisite, achingly beautiful. I think it is this primal connection – the one that church and doctrine and dogma so often want to rob from us – is what our Father intended for us all along. He gifts this to us through His own scandalous grace, bestows His unconditional love for us through Jesus, and extends His wisdom and comfort through His Spirit.


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