Shrieking with love

Portugal (for a little while longer) …

We have just had a video call with our daughter.


We were enjoying a lazy cuppa post-breakfast … Whatsapp buzzed both ways … we got a voice text … we sent a video … then we got a video call …

Us in Portugal on our final holiday day.  Our daughter in England and a normal Friday.  Tommy and Xander did that excited stuff when we connected. Nana and Grandad on the smartphone … shriek loudly … run away … shriek from a distance … run back to phone … repeat …  All we had to do was smile and wave and say hello.

Love is a funny old thing.

Two boys incapable of expressing profound thoughts and feelings.  So they shriek and run away.  And that says it all.  All we had to do was smile and wave and say hello.  And that says it all.

Yesterday I was struck by a quote.  And love.

This morning I was struck by two young boys and their shrieking.  How as we grow older we stop the shrieking but so often never find the words.  And we are so often left with a void.  A silent yearning to love and be loved – a silent yearning to be two small boys shrieking in a coffee shop in England.

This past week I have not really looked at any bible.  Not really devoured any verses.  Not really fed from The Word.  Yet I have been richly fed.

Richly Fed …

With the call of seagulls.  Lovemaking wavelets.  Grains of wisdom they call a beach.  People working.  People holidaying.  People living.  People rubbing along together.

And I wonder this on our final day …

Instead of being urged to read the bible more … to learn how to pray better … to attend church more regularly … to work at becoming a “better Christian” …

Why not re-learn how to shriek with excitement … to run away and hide just for the fun of it … to worry less about learning how to be a good Christian – and just re-learn how to be us again.  To be me … to be you … to be who we were born to be …

Loved and loving without yearning.

We are off to the beach for a final day of wonder – the sun is out!



4 thoughts on “Shrieking with love

  1. Its sad I think how we can get so caught up in living a walk with God until someone comes along and reminds us, that all we need to do is live it. We got the instructions we read it now live it. I am not sure I could ever or even want to give up reading my bible. I do want to quit trying so hard and just enjoy my life with God and others. Reaching folks for Jesus but trusting him to do it all through me as I live it out. Thanks Paul for this wonderful reminder. Now I think I will scream some lol.

    Much love Tom

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