Observations through the doorway – the what


Hindsight is a wonderful thing they tell me. Hindsight is the looking back at where I once was. Hindsight is the passing through and looking back at how I journeyed. Hindsight can be terribly arrogant to those yet to pass through (whatever it is we are discussing).

This doorway is the doorway I found myself too scared to pass through a few years ago. This doorway – with hindsight – is a doorway only of teaching and tradition. A tradition that teaches “heaven” is out there somewhere. A tradition that ingrained that unconditional love is the remit only of God and not of me. A tradition that teaches when we commit to the Lord it comes with a contract of tradition and doctrine as long as my arm. A tradition of teaching that creates this doorway that never was, never is, and never can be (without my belief that it is).

www.public-domain-image.com (public domain image)

This image is not perfect. But no image ever is.

The bible is full of imagery. Imagery that we edit.  Imagery that is never perfect because we are all so different. Imagery that is imagery because we have a track record with “rule books”. Because we even like to incorporate imagery into the rule book as evidence for the rule book.

We call that …

Exegesis: The science of textual interpretation, usually referring specifically to the Bible. The term “biblical exegesis” basically means “the process of interpreting the Bible.” The specific techniques employed in the exegesis of Scripture are usually referred to as “hermeneutics.”

We have a full dictionary of qualified theological terminology. It makes debating God doctrine and dogma so much easier.  We have made God doctrine and dogma a science.

And the science created this doorway we must not pass through (until we are dead – obviously). And this science also created this hierarchy.  A hierarchy based not upon God doctrine and dogma but upon qualifications in God doctrine and dogma.  Because the doorway has fringe benefits.

It controls.

And the qualified doorway-keepers control with the teaching of tradition.  A tradition that never intentionally set out to control God.  A tradition that was never cynically intended (mostly).  And a tradition most definitely not of the devil (perhaps).

I recall a science with fish in an aquarium tank. A sheet of clear glass was inserted into the tank. The fish could not see the glass. They kept bumping their noses as they swam into it. After a time the fish accepted a barrier they could not see or pass through. They stopped bumping their noses and that part of the fish tank was without fish.  Soon after that the glass sheet was removed. But by then learned tradition in the fish tank meant no fish ever passed over that invisible barrier which was now not even a barrier to pass or not pass through.  Because tradition said that doorway was not open to them.

I recall a science conversation with a brother-by-another-mother wherein the “gift” of hearing the voice of God (as in ordinary conversation) had both a name and a percentage of those “brothers (and sisters)” so gifted. I cannot remember the name nor the number – other than it was a number of single figures. It was the implication of that small number that has itched inside me ever since.  A number of tradition and teaching.  A number that said God chooses to gift less than 1:20 of His children with the gifted ability to chat to Him at will.  Taught tradition says that  – so who am I to disagree – and anyway – I have the gift – so why should I care?

Yesterday my God released some imagery I have of this doorway.  Imagery of hindsight.

And this morning as I showered (his second favourite place for chatting), He unfolded a tapestry of imagery in my mind’s eye.  Imagery way beyond anything I have ever had in my head.  Imagery of a  bible interwoven with threads back and forth … imagery of Jesus and those parables … way beyond any explanation of “those parables” I have ever heard or been taught before.

And the invitation (always an invitation never a demand)Would I look both ways?

Would I look both into the scary doorway of light pre-hindsight – as well as from the other side (of a non-existent doorway) post-hindsight?  Would I like to write a series of images before hindsight – the images of tradition and teaching?  And could I write a series of images after hindsight – looking back at the doorway I passed through.

Well, hell yes dear Jesus!  I would love to!

So here we are.

And as always – where and how He leads is always the fun of this new little journey!

See you soon …

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