Observations through the doorway – on the threshold

Why is God so complicated?

God loved me before I was born. He knows every hair on my head. He died for me so that I might live for ever. All I have to do is believe in Him, commit to Him, and follow Him. In this way my sins are washed clean and I will have everlasting life.

But why do I have to keep coming back each week to be forgiven all over again? Why am I sinner even after I have been washed clean? What is sin – who decides what is sin – what is a big sin and what is a little sin?

Why is being loved by God so complicated? And why can’t I just love God like He loves me?

Committing to Love

If I really give my life to the Lord does that mean everything I own and love is His? Does that mean He could take it all from me – even those I love? If I really commit to the Lord doesn’t that make me completely vulnerable to His moods? If He is in a testing mood (for my own good of course) might that be a step too far? Am I not playing with others’ lives – sort of allowing God to make those I love suffer thorough illness, accident or even death – just because I have said He could?

If it was just me – I could handle that – but when I allow those I love to be dragged into that kind of thing …


The bible makes no sense.

If it was factual there would be evidence. If it was factual the world could never be carbon-dated as I know it is. Just like they all thought the world was flat once – and now we know better. And then – I cannot remember a conversation I had yesterday – how come these “actual words of God” were any different for those who wrote them down? And if I believe in God how come I am a believer – but if I believe there is no God I am an unbeliever?

Isn’t this all just “belief” – don’t we all have that “belief” in common?  So why are we believers and unbelievers fighting all the time?  And why are believers fighting with believers?  It all makes no sense to me.


Would God really get stressed like we get stressed if He was really God – like “the” God we say He is?  Would He really get stressed about whether I called Him God or Sir or Lord or Barry or Susan or Big Guy?  If He really is the Big God  – would it really matter to Him as much as it matters to us?

I don’t get why He would get stressed about that.

Why do we get so stressed about that?


Why is one better than another? And why don’t they all talk to each other like I think God wishes they would? I have met different people from different denominations – even different faiths – even no faith and no denominations. And every time I think: we are all the same. We all want to be loved.  We all want to love (and we all wonder why “religion and faith” is such a big deal).  And I keep meeting those who tell me why it is a big deal.

But every time I do – all I hear someone talking about rules and regulations and laws and punishments. I never hear those who think religion and faith is a big deal talk about love.  Not real simple love.  Not “Love”.

Love and Relationship

We are so needy. What I see as an illusion others see as real. What I see as real others see as illusion. Love each other is not a command, it is a gift.  It is the gift of need-less-ness.  It is the gift of unconditional love that we all yearn.  It is a self-centred needy unspoken command:  “You do it to me first.”

That unspoken statement we live each day for fear of being hurt.  The reality is that “I will love you unconditionally only once you start loving me unconditionally.” So if we really believe that God really “did it to us first” …

Why do we not “do it back to Him” (and each other)?


Which is how “transaction” sifted through love (like yeast through flour) and continues to this very day. Until you each allow.

Until you each sit not on the threshold – but beyond the threshold.

(that is not there)

2 thoughts on “Observations through the doorway – on the threshold

  1. Inquiring minds want to know…
    Here’s what the Lord says to me when I’m like this…, “Shhhhh….” (followed by a gentle shove over the threshold). 😀


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