Bigger than church – kindness

“Follow me.”  And that word “love”.  By which all shall know.

How did we turn that simplicity into a minefield of complexity? A minefield through which all who are saved must dance?  Dancing dances wherein one must lead and one must follow.

Shortly after the following came the complexity.  The minefield.  The tradition. The hierarchy. The institution.  The teaching. The preaching.  Teaching of love.  Preaching of kingdom.  Institution of creed.  A church of need.  The need for membership.

I don’t find need in the bible.  The Law that Jesus came to fulfil was not of membership but of freedom.  And He invited His legacy to be of all nations.

But was that a geographical invitation?  For what is a “geographical” nation when we speak of kingdom?  Is there a holy passport and visa requirement?  Must we continue to build our religious walls high?  And just why must we change a universal currency of kindness for the “geographical” currencies of local love as defined by faith, religion and creed?

Is this really what my Lord meant when He said “by this all will know”?

This is bigger than church.

Bigger than who leads and who follows.  Bigger than who is right and who is wrong.  Way bigger than who is saved and who is not.  Our universal kindness cannot be contained by any one God documented by patent.  God – or whatever you name – cannot be claimed by religious definition.  This is way bigger.

Kindness is big enough.

We are kind to those we like. We are often kind to those we don’t.  No one tells us to.  We just are.  We may often confuse our definitions of love.  But not kindness.  Kindness is universal.

Kindness cuts through belief.  Kindness needs no language.  No defined God.  Kindness cuts through right and wrong. No defined right or wrong.  Kindness cuts through winning and losing.  And copes wonderfully with both.  Kindness does not dismiss.  Just as kindness does not have to love.  But kindness …

Cannot hate.

To be kind excludes doing hate.  Just as kindness does not need to be right.  Or to exclude.  Does not need cling to one by pushing another away.  Because kindness cannot hate.  And I think we need to learn not to hate.  As a stepping stone to love.  The love I hear my Lord speak.  Not the defined and documented God of religion.  I speak of my God, your God, our God … the “big” God … the “God” we know is bigger than all.  Because “God” just is.

Kindness is big because kindness cannot hate.

Because we have defined a love that hates.  We have defined a love that must exclude.  We have documented a love that needs.  And we preach and teach this as love.  The same love as my God Soft Hands Jesus never taught.  Not in the bible He left me.

Jesus is kind.  He accepted.  He included.  He saw not nations.  He saw divides.  Divides that we need.  Divides He doesn’t.  The Law was never divisive.  We make it thus.  Fulfilling the Law was not about dividing us from them.  It was the fulfilling of unity.  Of one-ness.

We created Christian.  We created all faith and all religion.  Just as we created love that hates.  And until we create a qualified kindness that can also hate … perhaps kindness remains how they will know us.  Not by our religious credentials, but by our kindness.

But this is not enough, I hear you cry.

“Not enough” is a cry I always hear.  Of the same taught and preached bible that sees  a defined love that hates.  For what else is this inability for unconditional love other than love which hates?

I am learning this beyond the doorway.

Living beyond the threshold is living without hate.  Loving without hate.  Unconditional love.

And how is that evidenced?

By being kind.


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