Am I the untouchable (touch five)

There was a tv programme called “Humans”.  It was set in a time when Artificial Intelligence, AI, in “synths” (synthetic human beings) saw many jobs previously done by humans now done by synths.  And as well as some great story-lines, the core theme of this programme was fear and love.

Economic fear – unemployment was a real issue.  Emotional fear – some synths had more than just standard (controllable) “AI”.  Intellectual fear – them killing us and taking over was a (perceived) real issue.  And love.  Love was not regarded as relevant.  Because rules overrule love.  That’s how we deal with fear.

So a secret war was being fought.  One side had to win.  One side had to lose before they could win.  Humans had to win, synths had to lose.  Both could not live together.

Is it just me, or is teaching the bible another “secret war”?

(touch four) included a link.

A link and “teaching” of the bible that I can’t remember hearing or seeing in any church, bible study, or online Christian websites.  The teaching I hear and see ignores teaching of that sort.  A teaching that labels it “False Teaching”.  A teaching that continues teaching the bible as the word of God and God inspired and (if not “inerrant” in every word) is still God breathed (which makes it inerrant – and that is a fact).

I was taught not to mess with the bible.  If you mess with the bible, you mess with God.  If you mess with God, you are a bad Christian.  If you mess with God more than is tolerated then you are no Christian at all.  And if you are no Christian at all …

And the outcome is “the un-churched” and “sinners yet to be saved” and verses and verse references used over and over again as “evidence”.  And comes packaged as religion that isn’t all bad (or is).  And which – seamlessly – makes God all good (or all bad).  Or all bad because there is no God.

With hindsight I think I would have spent many less years not finding “God” had I been allowed to know the bible has an agenda.  An agenda of a time and place (if we were discussing anything other than a sacred text/deity) that we would regard as quaint (at best) or “Thank God We Are Not Like That Anymore” (at worst).

An agenda of keeping a tiny warrior “nation” of the Chosen People in line, and then keeping a new religion and a new chosen people in line.  None of which is “bad”.  But neither is it all “good”.  Not if you never mention “the other bits”.  Because that takes away free choice.  And the “God” I have come to know – because I was taught it – is all about free choice.

And love.

So I now wonder why religion preaches “choice”, but only accepts as “saved” those who choose the right religious answer.  I wonder why my choice was either to believe the bible as taught, or to not be a Christian.  A choice of either saying the creed of belief – or to not believe at all.

Because even allowing for an agenda (not of my time and place), I read of “God” who accepts me as I am.  Which makes me “the touchable”, not “the untouchable”.  And (if I have this right): I am untouchable (fallen) and need saving – but become untouchable to those still fallen after I am saved.  And the only common element in all of this is not “God” and love – but fear.

Of being tainted.  Of false teachers.  Of being too inclusive.  Of not following the rules – because where would that lead?  Of hearing “All Are Welcome”.  But just like The Temples and rules and all that stuff  – we are (taught that we are) so much better than “that” because we are saved – to a point.  A point that says if you want to join us you have to believe what we believe.  That you will not distract others from the bible as taught.  Which (if I am right) makes us the untouchables.

And makes me ask … Is that really a secret war?

Because I see 2000+ years of “Christian Tradition” having the chance to figure this one out.  And, compared to my few decades (if I am right), that is a long time.  Because the best bit about being able to write like this … ?  Becoming less fearful day by day.  And that allows love to grow and grow.

Love that is kind.


29 thoughts on “Am I the untouchable (touch five)

  1. If you have never read the ,Hindu sacred texts, the Vedas, or the Qur’an, I imagine you would approach them in a very circumspect fashion and it is doubtful you would attribute anything of the otherworldly, inspired or otherwise, in their creation.

    If you approach the bible in a similar fashion it is far easier to see it for what it truly is.

    And once read, the bible can be put back on the shelf and left there.
    At this point you can allow yourself the luxury of saying ”Yuck … what a dreadful book!”
    Then go wash your hands and make a nice cup of coffee and smile.

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        • Ark, I am deleting this comment in 30 minutes. Unless you wish to apologise for being unkind (without ambiguity), please. I credit you with the brain to understand why.


          • Who was I being unkind to, specifically? Certainly not to frcasper I can assure you.
            The Qur’an is always cited by Islamic Terrorists as justification for their actions just as the bible is was cited now and was for slavery as was Apartheid in my country.
            This is a simple fact.
            I was merely addressing frcasper’s comment and he like me as read the Qur’an and did not feel moved to commit atrocities.~The point being, why should the bible be treated any differently.
            it is simply a collection of (largely) revolting bronze age nonsense.


            • Ark, ponder this: a book is a book and only that, a literary production, fiction or fact, of one genre or another. Primarily and first of all to be understood in historical and geographical context. To be treated as earth bound, its atrocious events and reprisals seated within their own historical era, vis Q 9:5, Psalm 137:9;Rig Veda 9.13.9. No more or less than WWII.

              This also is the platform upon which all religious texts stand – for the non believer whose field of study lies here it is at this level and no further.

              When we speak of a belief in a Higher Being then we may find ourselves or them delving into a series of religious texts until – either they find one that is sensible or something more metaphysical takes hold of them and they are drawn for no apparent reason to one or the other or none.

              Even as Religious Texts for Spiritual knowledge of God, whether slave or child it is still vital to know the context.

              The context confuses those who believe that the Quran and the Bible are the voice or words of God in print – i.e that God authorized the killing of babies, infidels – and without the explanations few bother to read, find themselves with a blood thirsty god whose idea of love is to commit genocide, ethnic purity and the one the single religious state, – a NAZI god – like the church of England with ax and fire and round and round we go.

              It is only those of firm faith who can play fast and loose with holy Writ to make others angry, outraged, to think, read, understand that all is not as it is.


            • So if I understand you correctly, what you are basically saying is the bible and the Qur’an etc are simply man made garbage, yes?


            • Sorry Ark – thought you were commenting on the post just published. My mistake (and my comment under that understanding) removed.


            • You misunderstand, read it again. Tell me, if you yourself believe in either, through faith, do you believe that the Bible is a Holy Book sent from God via the medium of the Holy Spirit through his prophets to his people. Or that Gabriel dictated the Quran to Muhammad while he was in the Cave? Or do you believe that there is another more rational explanation for their existence. These books are not Man Made Garbage but they were written down by human beings at certain times in History during certain circumstances. The Quran is easier to deal with since it was written in such a short time and much can be verified by history books. BUT as I said both books must be read in their context and even preferably in their original languages or with a good parallel. Despite having taken all this into account many Christians still believe that the Bible is the inerrant Word of God – and that defeats me.


            • To clarify.
              I am an atheist. That should tell you broadly what I think of holy books.
              Both the Bible and thee Qur’an are (in the main) erroneous, man-made, historical fiction with no divine inspiration/intervention whatsoever.

              Simple common sense will quickly refute any assertion to the contrary, and for those who consider otherwise, science , archaeology and top drawer biblical scholarship should do the rest.

              I see not reason whatsoever to read them ‘in context”.
              This is what many Christians do when questions arise pertaining to slavery genocide and a whole host of heinous things committed by or ordered by Yahweh.- they cherry pick.


            • That’s just it, those things were not committed by order of God otherwise we have a capricious God who is whimsical and not consistent with his judgements and has no justice. Yes, there was Genocide to cleanse the promised Land of Pagan influences. Wives and children were sent back to Babylon because they weren’t not Jewish and Judaism is passed down matriarchally. But what ever happened the Jews, Israelites whoever did not keep God’s Law in their Heart or anywhere else, they did not evangelize the Nations as they were asked. The Bible contains Archetypal Myths that develop conscience. If you don’t believe it or want to try then why bother with it????


            • That’s just it, those things were not committed by order of God otherwise we have a capricious God who is whimsical and not consistent with his judgements and has no justice.

              So you obviously realised the Pentateuch is geopolitical fiction, and by the same token, obviously, acknowledge that there was no exodus or conquest as described in the bible.
              Good. Someone else who understands the importance of archaeology and science and also the conclusions of top rate Egyptologists and biblical scholars.

              In that case, how do you square away with this understanding that the character, Jesus of Nazareth and also Paul obviously refer to the Old Testament and some of its characters as if it were based on genuine historical events?
              Paul obviously considered Adam and Eve to be real and of course we know this is sheer nonsense, as has been demonstrated by the work conducted by the Human Genome Project.


            • Firstly the Torah, a series of 5 books ascribed to Moses though he had died before the book of Numbers was finished. Within the 5 Books there are 4 literary/Theopolitical styles detected. The first chapter of Genesis was written after the third. The Books were arranged in the Jewish/Hebrew Canon as a group in common. Deuteronomy was discovered or rediscovered in Josiah’s time when Jeremiah was prophet -proven therefore is a few hundred years older than parts of Genesis written between the Exile in Babylon and the Reign of David or Solomon.
              There were many exoduses from Egypt, many Jews went to the Arabian peninsula where they became political big shots. For some reason known only to themselves the authors fastened on the Mosaic Exodus what we take away from it is not history but Theology. The Bible is not a history Book though the list of the kings of Israel and Judah have been verified by secular history.

              When we speak of what Paul and Jesus knew we are speaking of two men in a geohistorical space whose wittgensteinian standing ground was everything the Bible had given them. Like our Fundamental Christians today. As I said Some of the incidents in the old Testament sat in History, perhaps many didn’t.
              The question I have pondered is that Jesus – the Man God who knew the exact situation that applied-couldn’t enlighten anyone in his time but had to minister within the existing paradigm – frustrating or do we now begin to delve into the various heresies or contemplations about the relationship between God and the Son of God, of his soul, spirit, mind?
              Adama – clay, Eve – mother of all the living. The Jews perceived them as a single being created back to back which became two at the appropriate time.
              The 2 creation Stories are Archetypal myths that answer the ancient question of Beginnings. Their offspring marrying their siblings and the population of the earth becoming dribbling idiots. But notice after killing Abel, Cain goes to the Land of Nod where he marries, so where did the Noddians come from? When we deal with this story we are not dealing with a single couple but with humanity. We psychologists find the myths of Genesis useful when we council certain Christians that come to us – who are ready to let go of the Teddy bears in the Ark. Both Science and Religion share the search for truth in but it is a different truth. Faith not Fact

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            • Firstly the Torah, a series of 5 books ascribed to Moses though he had died before the book of Numbers was finished.

              This needs clarifying.
              Point 1. Moses is a narrative construct.
              There was no exodus as described in the bible.
              And no conquest.
              Settlement was largely internal according to the archaeological evidence.

              And the Jews were never in Egypt … as described either.

              Point2. Jesus the man-god, is also a narrative construct. There is absolutely no evidence to suggest otherwise. Considering how much fraud and interpolation that went into constructing the NT, maybe there never was a character at all?
              Also, tentative doubts are now being raised in certain quarters regarding the historicity of Paul, as I am pretty sure you must be aware. Certainly Acts is nonsense.

              Both Science and Religion share the search for truth in but it is a different truth. Faith not Fact

              Religion is entirely built upon a foundation of superstition and lies.
              There is no faith ascribed to science. You are mistaken.
              I am curious, exactly what sort of Christian would you describe yourself as?


  2. Hi paulfg, we meet again and I agree with every word you say, No recording angel ever passed on those words. Spirit breathed leaves us with a god with halitosis, a fickle god who has his people commit genocide in the name of Racial purity – rather whose people in hindsight write into the Scripture what they have done to these and those and say “Thus says the Lord” Thou shalt not judge! yet unless you see as we do and believe as we do, hate and despise as we do you cannot join the heaven bound trail. There is no cut and dried immediate salvation for anyone, if there were then I will not be saved, perhaps that is not a bad thing since who would want to be with those who hate and despise you? Can’t find anymore rotten logs to gather dust in may the good triumph and let that be the pure love that never asks who we are, not the hatred that gathers nuts to pelt us with…..


    • Hi fr casper – we do indeed, and welcome as always! I hope your health is on the mend, and the twinkle again in your eye! Because I love that phrase “a god with halitosis”. I do hope it is your original because I may have to borrow it sometime in the future.

      You make much sense in your words. And I hope you will wrote from the heart more often – I see your blogs and they seem peppered with “official” saints. I would think that a heavy burden to curate. Except you do it so well! 🙂


      • Yes, it is an original and do please borrow it. yes the saints are the burden of ministry, though since one of the Communities is celtic I do enjoy the research needed to unearth the long forgotten ones. My own Community of Franciscans on the Mountains can’t decide what non-denominational really means and so we are stuck at Franglicans if you understand. Br Andrew


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