Answer yes or know, please.

 “Fair enough … and do you believe that soft hands Jesus was resurrected from the dead?  Also a yes or no answer, please.”

An extract from a conversation in a place and time not far from here.


I choose kindness.

👍 ((hugs))  👍



😎 ((hugs)) 😎



❤️ ((hugs)) ❤️



God Soft Hands Jesus says anything is possible with …



Fair enough?


7 thoughts on “Answer yes or know, please.

  1. And , er …. no am not going to sit through a bunch of irrelevant videos unless you promise to watch Life of Brian again.

    So, yes or no? Do you believe the character, Jesus of Japha Nazareth was crucified and then raised from the dead (by Yahweh).?


      • Ark, conversation requires “conversation”. Constant yes or no is not conversation. It is an interorgation. I only mention it because you don’t answer anything but the questions you want to answer. Why is that, please?


        • Because yours is a soft Jesus hands sort of blog site so it will be very helpful for me to understand what your position actually is.
          That you keep avoiding a direct answer to such a simple straightforward question suggests you have ulterior motives.
          I cannot for one millisecond imagine Craig or Mcgrath responding with anything but an emphatic ”Yes!”
          So what’s your problem?


          • My problem is the context. I am “curious” and in conversation I will offer a thought, check a statement to make sure I understand as it was intended. When I ask a question it will be asked in kindness. Safe kindness. I don’t see any of that in your style. I see you needing to control. I have never needed that. I don’t get why you do.


            • I consider religion taints everything it touches.
              You write ”God Jesus soft hands”n.. a rather pithy epithet for the offspring of a make-beleive genocidal monster, don’t you think?
              If you consider kindness number one, great. Can’t fault that I guess.
              But you don’t need any gods to be kind and certainly not the make beleive smelly little eschatological Jewish rabbi that you seem to have conjured up some fairy tale image of.

              If you are a Christian … or at least are convinced you are, then why do you struggle to acknowledge the most basic principle of Christianity: That the character, Jesus of Nazareth is claimed to have risen from the dead?
              Are you embarrassed or ashamed to answer whether you believe this to be true?


    • PS – love “Life of Brian” – used at least one Youtube clip in these posts. The list of stuff we have in common just keeps getting bigger. I just hope you see that at some point ((hugs))


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