Does any of this sound familiar?

I was invited to question God, the bible, church, religion … the “that’s how it is” I was taught, that I believed, then didn’t believe, then did, and now am not so sure as I live my life ever deeper with my God Soft Hands Jesus.

It was a questioning prompted by those who Christians call “deconverts and atheists“.  I found that they are not as label-conscious of themselves as I thought they were – but they are very label-conscious of Christians.  Isn’t that curious?  That both “sides” have labels for the other side – but not so much for themselves.  Why is that?

Maybe because of this.

They say the bible is not factually accurate, has an agenda, is not supported by third-party evidence, has no qualifying evidence of resurrection (which is a pretty big deal – such a big deal that I was taught it is the Biggest Deal Ever).  And then there is all the Godly genocide. The death. The wars. The Promised Land.  The absence of evidence that any of that actually happened.  And they study the bible.  They know the bible.  They have other sources.  They gang up together and pummel Christians.  They don’t seem to care how hurtful they are.  But all of that is okay.  Christians have God on their side and He (Christians that is) will prevail.

I was taught that “God will give you the words” when faced with such persecution.  Except all I see is Christians defending “the absence of evidence” as a good thing.  Stating over and over again that “the bible says” and the bible is enough … that “God says” and God is more than enough.  And anyway, we expect this kind of treatment – God said we would.  Just as He said they would have “scales over their eyes“.  And guess what – there is the evidence: they have scales over their eyes!

And if that isn’t enough  – the bible says the fall means we are all sinners who need saving – and they don’t even want to be saved.  But that’s okay too.  The bible says they won’t.

And the bible also says that we should “shake the dust from our sandals” and move on. Because we are in this world but not of this world.  The bible says so.  Which makes us right and them not.  And – as if all of that isn’t enough for anybody – after they die then they will find out that we were right all along.  Except for them it will be too late.  No changing their minds then!  Eternal damnation.

Which is terribly sad because we are commanded to love (even them).

And I found agreeing with them is quite easy.  I found they make a lot of sense.  I found myself seeing present day “Christians” (and me) with a new eye.  And I found I was drawn ever nearer to God Soft Hands Jesus than before!

All of which confuses everyone (but me).

Because “the evidence” (or absence of) says I shouldn’t believe. But the bible says I should (if I believe).  So I agree with a lot of what they say.  And that means I am disagreeing with a lot of what we say.

And that just draws me closer to my GSHJ.

And that is not the ways things work around here.  Around here you are one side or the other.  You believe or you don’t.  The church has spent the last 2000+ years teaching belief.  And that makes it real belief.  So which is it to be?  Are you for us or against us (because the bible says that as well)?

And they say that if I can believe in GSHJ then I am Christian of some shape and form – so all the rest is just me being difficult.  Because (apparently) I cannot be “half a Christian” (or even a smidgen of one) – I am either a Christian or I am not.

Which is also what “we” say.

Which I find curious.

Does any of this sound familiar?

So this morning GSHJ came with me on the daily dogwalk.  And we took pictures.  And the next few posts will have pictures.  And GSHJ.  Who isn’t a Christian.

Which I find curious as well.


2 thoughts on “Does any of this sound familiar?

  1. Perhaps of interest, I found prisoners who had all the ‘belief; systems such as you mention up until they were about to check out of this world. Somehow and someway they were eager then to hear about God. The fact is: God is NOT an intellectual exercise. He and His church are to be experienced. Finally, if I really want to know if God is real or not, I”m not going to run to the bible. I’ll run to you and see if God is in you. The Bible will tell me ‘about’ God. Your life should demonstrate and illustrate the true spirit of our creator. The separation of reality from fiction is only in the experience. It was the experience of Christ that made us Christians. If he had not dwelt on the face of the earth, then I would have not known Him. And I also know him because He is in you. So then, I possess the testimony of history through the Bible and then again, I have the testimony once more here and now. That is reality. Thank you for your honest post. I appreciate it and hope to read more.


    • Thank you TF. Your comment: “God is NOT an intellectual exercise” – just like love isn’t either (just gotta let those chemicals do their thing rather than analyse them). What was a surprise (sort of) was finding myself being thought of as in “no man’s land” by all – and for (almost) identical reasons.

      Strikes me there is a lot of intellect on both sides – and as you say: God isn’t.

      And as for reading more: there will be pictures! It was quite a dogwalk 🙂


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