Walking the dog with GSHJ – one step …

““The Bible” … where do I begin … ?  Maybe like this …

Put the bible down. Step away from the bible. Close the covers and put it down gently. Get up off your knees, unclasp your hands, open your eyes.  Don’t look for me, don’t even try to find me.

Just look at this … “

“A diddly little ditch.  A dirty trickle of water.  A trickle of life.  And now look at this … “

“Sun.  Warmth.  Light.  Life.  And now this … “

“(I couldn’t find a picture of “air” – but hugs are great too!)

Water.  Sun.  Breath.  And hugs.  And a bucket of dirt.  And gravity.  And seasons.  And just the right distance.  And all that science.

Now look at this …”

“Boundaries.  Fences.  Rules.

And now look at this … “

“This is the path you used every day for years.  And then they put a fence across it.  And you tried climbing it a few times.  You went over – the dogs went under.   Remember how it was so much easier not to?  So much easier to find another path?  Remember how it took a little time – but now the thought of climbing the fence to use that “path” seems totally nuts?  

Seems that’s not true for everyone.

How long ago was that fence put there … a couple of years … ?”

Everything you will ever need to know about rules is in these two pictures.

That path is still a path.  A well-worn path.  And the only reason it is still a path is because it was a path and (for some) will always be a path.  And no fence is going to change that mindset.

That is also Life.  That is choice.  That is having a relationship with rules.

Just like your relationship with these rules … “

The very book of rules – my bible – that you have recently decided is not my word as you were taught, not my inerrant and infallible as your were taught, not something to be fought over, not something to die for, perhaps not even something I died for.

You now choose to think that “The Fall” as you were taught is fiction.

And you are aware, I hope, that by removing that rule, you also remove another?  That your “salvation” as you were taught is just another fiction –

You are fully aware of “that” – aren’t you?”

“Because that means “this” as you were taught was completely unnecessary.

And – let me tell you – “this” stings.



“That’s a lot of rules not to have a relationship with, Paul.


So why are you even talking to me … ? 


And – more to the point – 


Just why am I even talking to you?”


13 thoughts on “Walking the dog with GSHJ – one step …

    • You do love your “yes or no” answers 🙂

      So if I am to give a yes or no answer that has any value to either of us, I should know two things: What is your complete understanding/definition of “my GSHJ”? And what is your meaning / definition of “real” with regard to my GSHJ?

      Or else I am simply answering your definitions – of which I haven’t a clue – which makes any answer a complete waste of my time.


        • Just to clarify: the “biblical character” with nothing added or taken away (as in the bible and nowhere else)? And Yahweh being “the “biblical God” in the Old Testament (but not the New Testament) again with nothing added or taken away? And “creator of the universe” … being defined as from where and how?


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