Walking the dog with GSHJ – three step

Catch 22 – again.

(this morning’s post)

So just who am I that you are talking to?

This …

And this …

And this …

And this …

And this …

This … 

And this …

And this …

And this …

And this …

And especially this …

And …

This …

Is this me, Paul?

And that as well.  A drawing.  Someone’s realness.  Personal and meaningful and intimate and eternal and everywhere (I look) – in every breath I take – and in every thought I think.

So tell me, Paul – just what do you need of me?

I don’t need anything of you.  Nothing at all.

Do you know how few say that?  Do you know how few of those who say that actually mean that?

Thank you.  I have a question:  Are you a small God?  Are you the small God of Christians and not the God of anyone else?

Paul, are you the father of all your children or only of some?  Does your sperm make you a father, or does the love you have for a loved child make you a loving father of that loved child?  Are your grandchildren loved less because they are not of you but of other loved ones?  Your brothers and sisters.  Your aunts and uncles.  Your friends.  Your neighbours.  Your work colleagues.  That lovely person in the shop.  That nice chap on the bus. That person – this person – that other person – your wife – your dog – your parents – and even strangers you have not even met or loved yet … Because at one time or another – each one of those you love was a “not yet met” person.  Do you not love each simply because you “are” and they “are”?   Is that not love?

So am I a small God or a big God – am I the real God or a pretend fictitious God – and am I a God at all … ?  How does the answer “help”? 

I don’t need to know.  I know you.

Is that “faith” do you think?  Is that what I might have meant in the bible?  In each sacred text?  Because I know you, Paul.  And as you are coming to know me you are coming to know that I have no need to be called God (or any sacred or common name you need to call me).  I have no need.  For only in such a place is unconditional love.  In that place there is freedom.

Thank you again – I think.  I have another question: Am I talking to myself?  Is that why I hear what I hear?  Because it is what I am asked.  It is what I am told.  When I stray from the taught teachings.  When I mess with the bible.  When I see other faiths no different.  When I see those who despise you (or if not you, then those who worship you) as no different.  When I see “the same”.  When I see you.  The same you as is in me as is in all.

And does that mean I am your Creator?

I don’t know.  I don’t need to know.

And does that mean I am the Jesus you read of in the bible?

The essence of something and someone – yes.  But the detail – the literal – the actual?  I don’t think so. 

And does that mean I did – or did not – die and rise again?

I believe love is stronger than death.  I know that you know that love is stronger than death.  I see that all the time.  So I don’t know whether that means that you actually died on a cross as is written, and actually rose again as is written.  I suspect not – not as is it written. But I know you and through you I know love.  And I know love is stronger than death.

So just who is God Soft Hands Jesus?

You are.

And just how do you know all this with such certainty?

Well …


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