Walking the dog with GSHJ – two step …

“And – more to the point – Just why am I even talking to you?”

(yesterday’s post)

And, for me, dearest God Soft Hands Jesus, that is the only point here: that I hear you and you hear me right now.  Because all the stuff I was taught means that “hearing your voice” is a good thing – something desirable.

Unless I decline the teaching – put down the definitions … all of “that”.  Then the rules say that neither of us should be chatting together like this. 

And what a great day not to be chatting!  Isn’t this all so beautiful?

GSHJ … is all that teaching really you … ?  

Run the pictures Paul …

Okey dokey … 

Detail …

Detail …

Detail …

Detail …

Detail …


That each brings beauty.  Each adds to the health of all.  Each is different but is connected.  That each relies on the others in some way.  Yet that each is good enough. That each is accepted.  Always.

Except when we need everything to be the same – like in fields of the same crop – or the perfect lawn – or my creation of my perfect garden.  

And you take from this … ?

That “we” need.  And – in your case – then make a list and rules to justify that need.  That we use you as justification for the need.  So we turn that into rules all wrapped up in this:
“I believe in God, the Father Almighty, Creator of heaven and earth; and in Jesus Christ, His only Son, our Lord: Who was conceived by the Holy Spirit, born of the Virgin Mary; suffered under Pontius Pilate, was crucified, died and was buried.”  
And unless I say that AND believe that – I am not good enough for you – that I am not saved.  And justification … ?

“Because the bible says so – and the bible is God, Paul – God IS the bible!  So don’t mess with God – just say the words, Paul!”

Catch 22 really, Paul.


Are we back to these two pictures then … ?

Because I am not so sure that it is always “back to the bible”.

It seems to me that it is always back to fences and rules and paths that are (or are not) – and your relationship with them.

Is that really “relationship” and love – or might that be “need”?  What do you think, Paul… ?

Catch 22 – again.


7 thoughts on “Walking the dog with GSHJ – two step …

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  2. When we understand that God’s Word is Christ, not the text, we can benefit from the text.
    Btw, the early church taught that God’s creation was the first “Bible.” So, have a great Bible study with GSHJ. 🙂


    • @Mel

      You do like your theological 2-step do you not, Mel?
      Yahweh is a meglomaniacal make-believe post Canaanite deity found only in the pages of the collected works known as the bible.
      The biblical character, Jesus of Nazareth is a Nazareth is a narrative construct.

      But yes, read the bible. read it and study it.
      As Asimov noted, reading the bible is the surest way to become atheist.


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