I love the bible more than before

So what do I do with God – what does he do with me?  I love the bible more than before – just not for the reasons I was taught.  I feel closer to my God – just not the same God that I was taught lives in the bible as I was taught.

Christianity was politically accepted and modulated to fit. The Church of England (mother of the Anglican church) I grew up with, is the product of a preference for divorce by a certain royal.  The Roman Catholic church says an absence of birth control is of God.  Islam came along as the younger brother of the bible but – apparently – has yet to see the error of its ways.  The Western church believes stuff the Eastern church doesn’t.  The African church insists on red-lines the USA church refutes.  And everyone of faith interprets these sacred texts in their own way.  And it seems we are accepting of these conversation points.

But not when it comes to the one sacred fact: The “sacred text “is “how it happened.”   Word for word.  But we can’t help ourselves in even that .  So along with the bible came a new science.  The “science of theology” e.g.
“Actually, the epistemological point is primary, and the ontological one can only be addressed after an epistemological framework or set of (spelled out to be intellectually honest) assumptions. The author is making the epistemological point that there is NEVER direct access to the bare meaning of a passage. While the Bible may make objective truth claims, your claims about what they are are always subjective, and the result of your “situated” interpretation. The author is foregrounding the fact that regardless of the ontological status of the claims in the Bible, we always offer interpretations, and we should always acknowledge THAT … “
extract from the comment boxes below: ““I Just Go by What the Bible Says” and Other Ridiculous Things Pastors Say”: Darrell Lackey

What does that even mean?

I wonder if we have made the bible the absolute biggest obstacle to the very God we seek within. A God we only find in our preferred religion.  A religion and God we created.  And for whom we (need to) tailor the sacred texts to prop-up this God.

A competitive God.  A needy God.  A God who needs worship and adoration and obedience.  A God with all our insecurities.  A God who challenged the church back then – but not today.  A God who does so much bad stuff.  A God who does so much good stuff.  A God who picks and chooses who gets the goodies and who gets the baddies.  And a God beyond our understanding because he is a God with supreme power.  A God who is a needy God with supreme power.  But that simply makes God “God” – because God chooses to withhold from frying our sorry asses every minute of every day (until we die – obviously) And then he does (if we haven’t been saved).  And that is really loving.  And that is why he is God.

And we teach all “that” as the reason(s) for loving God AND each other?

And I know that is a pencil-sketch of the worst of “Christianity”.  But remove the “polish and modifications” and this is what is left and taught.  I was.

I think this picture of the “doorway” – the “threshold” – becomes more relevant.

Because I have heard about the theological science of “universalism” (a(nother) bone of contention in the Christian world).

Because – it seems from what I read – that if we allow in everybody regardless of needing to be saved (by our terms) – then what is the point of having God in the first place?   So we have a God who doesn’t do things that way (because we say He doesn’t).  We say that our God needs blood and obedience and sinners that get saved.   In other words, a God (in our likeness) who won’t let you in until you believe what “we believe”.

And the reason I love the bible is not because of the exclusion zones and the rules I was taught.  It is because I now read the bible as “universally inclusive” – without all the upgrades and modifications to keep the bible (and all sacred texts) a “perfectly inspired text of God.”

And anyway … How did the “greatest story ever told” become its own “evidence” in the telling?   And where does faith come into it when we have the proof of the written word of God as the bible?  And why always “the mystery of God” that sweeps uncomfortable bits under the carpet?  And why “this” to dismiss difficult questions …

Because the bible says so.

So what do I do with God – what does he do with me?  I love the bible more than before – just not for the reasons I was taught.  I feel closer to my God – just not the same (exact) God I was taught lives in the bible as I was taught.


9 thoughts on “I love the bible more than before

    • My observable evidence belief? I will find (more of) what I am looking for. I choose to look for love, you choose to look for revolting. I find more love than revolting, you find more revolting than love.

      That is entirely predictable because it is entirely logical and nothing to do with faith based belief or the bible (sacred texts) or God(s) or religion (faith). And that is to do with my worldview and to do with your worldview (which makes it nothing to do with religion either).

      And I prefer my worldview to yours. 🙂


      • So your world view deduces what exactly from the genocidal flood, the exodus, the , slavery, rape, misogyny , racism, incest, murder corruption, brutality, lies and sheer vileness of the book as a whole and the god you genuflect to?

        Could you elaborate without replying with rose tinted glasses on, please ,0r just for once, by allowing yourself to get mugged down Drivel Lane?


        • Ark, if you read anything of these past few posts you would have found the answer to all your assumptions and “world(bible)view” questions.

          Its’s just that (with the kindest tone of voice I can) the definition of good research is to observe with an open mind.

          And when it comes to this topic, and my posts, it seems (again with the kindest tone of voice) that you don’t want to – ever. And that is fine by me.

          Except it makes this “Q&A session” redundant. And therefore irrelevant.


          • And your position about loving the bible comes across as hypocritical and contrived.
            You may as well say I look at Apartheid and say: ”I now love of a much maligned political system.”


            • Ark, emails don’t do it for you. Conversation neither. Nor science it now seems. My position you keep asking me for, and then telling me what my position is. And now we head off to apartheid.

              You have personal experience of living in/with/part of a country of apartheid. I don’t other than through family who do. And you have no experience of growing beyond the bible of religion yet I do.

              Seems we have much to converse about if only you would allow that to happen. But that would mean both of us being safe in our vulnerability.


            • Write a normal , straightforward post , free of your pusillanimous postulations and we can discuss.
              Until then… you come across as simply full of Rose Fertilizer.

              I think we can safely say you have exhausted my patience.


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