I love the bible more than before – 7

Is it good to cherry-pick a sacred text?

Not for “evidence” of the sacred text being a factually accurate historical record … nor “because the (sacred text) says so” – which makes it all the “evidence” you will ever need for so many … nor because the “divine authority” described within must be obeyed and worshiped … i.e. not for almost all the reasons I was taught to cherry pick a sacred text (the bible in my case).

If you have the stamina and (way too much) time to read all these posts from Day One -> current you will read that I have an aversion to the (bible) being cherry picked. So why the change of heart now?

Because if I cherry pick the bible (in my case) to find reason to step beyond religion and into Love without religion – that makes perfect sense to me.  That Love comes first, and second and last.

Love without any strings attached.

Love that means if you point a gun to my head then because I love both of us – me included – I may resist you (or else I love you more than me – and that is not Love without strings attached).  BUT it also means that I may not resist you. That there may be reasons in that moment that I don’t.  But for you to “get” why I choose to resist you or not to resist you …

We would have to know each other (a lot). Or just be kind to each other. Because then the likelihood of you even holding a gun to my head in the first place is remote.

But if we are to know each other I have to listen. I have to understand. I have to be kind. Or else that is not love without strings (the “string” being that you have to agree with me before I am kind to you).  And it is “that” which makes sense of the bible (for me).

That a “divine authority” would find “the narrative”of Jesus (as narrated in the bible) simply a great example of love without strings.

And “that” is what I call cherry picking.  Not a verse – not a religion – not a set of beliefs that make me a member of that faith-based belief.  But Love without strings.  And I use the term “divine authority” because it comes closest to a description of something not just of the physical.

I reached a point in my life when procreating and chasing financial security to enjoy the good life had less meaning than before. When sitting in church and hearing how “all are welcome” is actually “love with strings”.  Otherwise why sitting in a church of a particular denomination in the first place.

I began to find that “we are a Christian country” makes any “divine authority” little more than the currency we use, the taxes we pay, the language we have, the laws we live by, the laws we break, the people we accept and the people we fight.  It makes my God Soft Hands Jesus just another strip of “cultural wallpaper”. Wallpaper that becomes invisible.

And with it Love.  And “that” makes “love is not enough” a reality.

And that “love” (with strings is not enough) … will get us killed by those who have guns.  And that “love” is okay to a point. But because “they” don’t see “love” like we see “love” – that makes “love is not enough” … enough.

Which is why we now need a war on terror.  That  we need to kill them before they kill us. Unless they see the error of their ways.  Then we will accept them.  And how do we know they really mean it?   A set of beliefs that are our “cultural wallpaper” religion.

So Good Friday and Easter Sunday are “celebrated” in my country not because of a particular “belief” – but because everything shuts down for the long weekend.

“Oliday “oliday “oliday … wahoo!

The cultural wallpaper of our Christian Country says the bible is fact.  Which is why this country “shuts down”.  And that doesn’t prove to me that we are right and “they” are wrong.  Nor does it (for me) prove that Love is not enough.

It simply proves to me that “religion” is not enough.

Which is why I now cherry pick not religion, I happily cherry pick Love in everyone and everything.


(and in writing this post – I mis-typed and corrected (about ten times) the word “cherry”.  I think I prefer my – corrected – typo: “cheery picking”)



5 thoughts on “I love the bible more than before – 7

  1. “…if you’re watchin’ X-factor after all that, ya are a bit of a bastard!” GREAT line!

    Anyway, you speak such truth, Paul. The bottom line is, bible-believing or not, church-going or not, religion-belonging or not, unconditional love is always the answer. ❤ ❤ ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Susan. I loved that clip!!

      And “Part 8” seems to not be about love, but lots of other stuff. Except I am sitting here having seen love (in the comment boxes) described as simply chemical driven profound experiences.

      And pondering where “unconditional” fits the science.


        • Thank you. So much of what I was taught is now “up in the air”. Like “if they don’t listen” move on. Like “they will have scales over their eyes” so they won’t get it. And “beware of false teachers” who preach anything other than the party line. All of that and so much more. And right now it seems almost a conspiracy to silence the tough questions. And that has never been what GSHJ is about.

          But Ark seems to do nothing other than quote all that back and say it is fiction. But a fiction he keeps repeating as though the repetition will “deconvert” all these “converts”.

          And as I have moved towards that “fiction” comfort, the fact that I see “good in the bible” is now a trigger for the same repetition. And I have become a faux-Christian (which I think means I am even worse than being a proper Christian). And this becomes more like a gladiator circus. Except these are loving human beings no different to any other loving human being.

          And – then to cap it all – Ark and I seem to be Siamese twins in this – joined at the hip. 🙂


          • 😀 Well, I see similarities in your approaches. Sometimes you both seem to be in that revolving door. But I know exactly what you mean about having “moved towards that ‘fiction’ comfort.” And I can see the indoctrination so firmly entrenched in the atheist agenda. I simply want him to take a look at who he sees as his enemy because we are not. So I await his response.


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