Please put the bible back

Imagine there was no bible, no koran, no sacred texts at all.  Imagine there was no “church” – no institution of religion and faith.  Imagine there was no cross or Christmas. Imagine there were only vague memories of such a time. Imagine there was nothing “solid” anymore.  Nothing that was evidence.

Then imagine someone said –

Please put the bible back together again.  But there can only be 100 words. And what you write will be how we start again. What you write will be what used to be before it was not. What you write will be how we do not make war again.

I would write this.

“There was love without condition.  Wherein each was at peace.  None were better.  None were worse.  Each was sacred of each.  This was named Love of Uncondition.  Love never proven nor evidenced or bagged.  Love within each – outflowing of all connected and healing.  Then some claimed this God of Condition and made it like them and rules wrote – buildings built – tithes took – creeds created – duty demanded – correct now a condition of kindness. They made God of Condition. Not Love without. We sent them away. Love of condition is no love at all.  Just a god.”


What would you write?


8 thoughts on “Please put the bible back

  1. Okay, Paul, here’s my first edition “Bible.” 🙂 Since it’s only 100 words long, it’s written in short statements….

    God created everything and God is love.
    Love is other-centered and self-giving.
    God created humankind to be His family.
    God put His Spirit in us so we could participate in His divine life.
    God loves unconditionally.
    Love others the same way God loves you.
    The meaning of life is to know God and walk in His love.
    Knowing God results in love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.
    Love does no harm to another.
    When someone hurts or harms another, seek to restore them back to love.
    God will be our judge, our job is to love.

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  2. In the beginning,…

    Try to have fun,
    But not at the expense of anyone,

    Be kind to animals, especially dogs,
    Because dyslexia is a bitch

    Life won’t always be swell,
    Don’t listen to people called Mel,

    Cos they’ll call you a sinner, and condemn you to hell,
    Or eternity at a Justin Bieber concert.

    Although when Mels talk about gods,
    They probably suffer from dyslexia too

    Don’t believe that a smelly dead person came back from the dead,
    Nor will 5000 from a loaf be fed. Unless it is a frigging big loaf… and pre-sliced,
    And baked with olives.


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