What do I need of the bible? (4 of 6)

Last night it was cold.

Another night and another “bus”.  This bus belonging to the county council youth service. A bus that costs us only mileage.  We have adapted the “kitchen and bar” with a table outside – it’s more welcoming with the smaller vehicle.

Late in the evening a car used (what I call) our “drive thru”.  Except the passenger got out and went the few feet to our table.  Double-take!  She was in a short nightie and dressing gown with only bedroom slippers on her feet!  Pneumonia alert!!  So we “shooed” her back to her car and served drinks to them (along with a great conversation about their hopes and doubts for work and their dream jobs).  And along with the chuckles outside, inside the bus there was a conversation with another young adult who was stuck for the night – in his thinking mostly – and was determined that he wouldn’t get home last night.

Just two snapshots of the 50 or so young folk who shared a cuppa and a biscuit (cookie) with us.

(and – guess what: we ALL now make hot chocolate like Len makes hot chocolate).

So where is the bible in all of this?  Nowhere (and everywhere).  And where is God in all of this?  Nowhere (and everywhere).  But why must religion be any part of all this?

It isn’t.

Religion chose not to support a big or small  – or any kind of – bus.  It’s love that keeps the bus going out week after week.  That is my “bible” nowadays.

I think it always has been.


“The stories I want to share: IV” – 19th August 2015 

I learned how to make great hot chocolate tonight.  I thought mine was best.  But I found out  it wasn’t.

I can whisk up a batch of them in no time at all on our bus in a cold dark car-park.  I can move a queue of youngsters … hot chocolate, tea, coffee, cold drinks – and a biscuit or two for you as well?  Mine taste good.  Mine come with banter and love.  Mine is love at work.

But tonight I saw someone else making hot chocolate.  On the same bus.  In a different car-park.  And with different youngsters.

I saw hot chocolate made differently.  The powder first – the milk next (what?) – the powder mashed into the milk (too slow!) – then the hot water with a final stir.  It would not “move a queue” as quick as my way.  It did not come with so much banter as my way.  It did not need to.

His love was IN the cup.  And his love was “in them” as they drank his hot chocolate.  Love isn’t work.

Len was his name.  He also volunteers for Bar n Bus.  I guess he would think me daft if I read this post to him.  He just makes hot chocolate.  On a bus.  In a car-park.  He has done that for six years he told me.  Week after week.

Love in a cup, Paul?  It’s “only” hot chocolate.

I did not realise what GSHJ had shown me tonight until I came home and sat down here to catch-up on all your lovely blogs.

Because I see a determination, in some, to see only different ways of “making hot chocolate”.  And I wonder why they seem to miss the love – the same love – our Lord’s Love for each of us – the SAME Love in each.

And I wonder …

If tonight on our bus in a (different) car-park, with a (different) bunch of young people, and a (different) bus team … just what would I have gained from dismissing this (different) way of making hot chocolate?   How would I have loved better by seeing only the (different) making, the (different) time spend, the (different) queue shifting, the (different) “form”?

Would I not have completely missed seeing Love is not Work?

So tonight I have to say thank you to God Soft Hands Jesus again as I sit here.  And tonight I have to thank you.  Because it took those few blogs AND tonight on the bus to let me see what I had seen.  Not just “hot chocolate” or love.

Tonight I saw Love AND hot chocolate.



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