Everybody hurts

If you really believe the bible is fiction will you now stop using the term God Soft Hands Jesus?

If you really believe in God Soft Hands Jesus will you now stop saying the bible is fiction?



Everybody needs?


To be continued …


3 thoughts on “Everybody hurts

  1. Paul,

    Your posts have challenged me. Not so much in what I believe but in how I believe it. I have for awhile started to shy away from many writers who are non-Catholic simply because reading their posts makes me feel like I am some sort of pariah. It has nothing to do with denomination or theology and everything to do with our way with words. I find that there are few people, Christian or not who write on humanness, love and the aspiration to kindness.

    You believing the bible is fiction or not fiction does not effect my life. I haven’t looked at your posts in that way because I know there is more going on in your head than on the page of the post. It is hard if not impossible to transcend His love into words sometimes, especially when questioning what it is or what it isn’t.

    I find that the people I am most intrigued by are the ones that ask the most questions, who reveal that much more of themselves. I don’t evaluate the bible as fiction or not, I see it as a work that transcends the human mind and it’s ability to comprehend. It is a short glimpse into who God is, and isn’t. It is a small piece of a very large puzzle.

    If we are not continually transformed by its reading, we are doing something wrong. If the goal is to learn how to be more like Jesus, we ought to spend less time reading and more time loving. The reading should lead to loving which leads to change. This is more a metamorphosis, a symphony. This is why I see the saints as such great role models, especially Mother Teresa whose love for others transcends the human intellect.

    When we stop putting things and people into categories and open our minds and our hearts to the human race, that’s when Jesus truly shines. It is hard with all of our pre-conceived notions and rapid intake of information to sometimes do that.

    So I see it as behind the scenes, sometimes allegory sometimes inspiration. Maybe Jonah didn’t sit in the belly of the whale for three days, but what he did do is look at himself introspectively and do what God told him to do in the first place.

    Love to you my friend-


    • Melissa – thank you. I feel like I a streaker at the moment: “Put your clothes back on and stop embarrassing us all, Paul!” 🙂

      “Your posts have challenged me. Not so much in what I believe but in how I believe it.” Me too. And just that. I think I ran a series of ten posts with “why I love the bible” as the theme. Yet suggest that the bible is fiction and it is easy to hear the pins drop. Call the bible fiction and still hold GSHJ dear and real and the atheists go quiet.

      All of these post were birthed in and of the bible and my living GSHJ within. Had I been brought up with the Koran – I might well be writing similar stuff. I know I have about Hindus.

      Why I think this fact or fiction is more relevant now is because of this “pre-conceived notions and rapid intake of information” we all live with. I am finding more and more those that use verse references to support faith statements less and less endearing. Just as my dad went through a phase when we kids of giving us a verse reference instead of a proper conversation … I desire “proper conversation” because …

      “I find that the people I am most intrigued by are the ones that ask the most questions, who reveal that much more of themselves.” Ain’t that the truth. Trust. Leads, To. Connection. And comes from conversation of self.

      You have a knack of brightening my day!! Thank you ((hugs))

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      • And you too my friend. I get this all in a way that really has no room for words. It is beyond you and me. I appreciate your candor and the spark in my thinking. I appreciate the community. There is sometimes no room to speak when crazy thoughts about life, death, God and purpose don’t add up with the mainstream, whatever that may be. Even my friends and church who are cradle Catholics tell me I am more Catholic than they ever were or plan to be.
        If words are expressions, are songs are love I find that in Jesus. It doesn’t make me right, it just makes me alive.

        Love- M

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