I’m not being fed

Facebook or bible … bible or Facebook … ?

Facebook won hands down (and offered this) …  


Clergy Coaching Network” Facebook  page

Sherrie Jager commented: “But we don’t all have the opportunity to get fed the food we need at the time we need it and in a way we can digest it; instead we are often force fed food we neither need not want whether we are hungry or not.”

Ian Watkins replied: “Sherrie, is “getting the food we need” our responsibility or someone else’s? Who, in the end, is responsible for my walk with Jesus? Me, or somebody else?”


It took me to my kitchen of ravishing rants.  A soupçon of this (and a measure of that).  A pinch of this (and the tiniest zest of that). A subtle word here (and a thunderous put-down there).  Because perfecting the perfect rant always takes preparation, pride, and practice.

Which was enough time for GSHJ to quietly murmur this: “Oh dear, Paul. It seems questions are not to Brian’s liking. I wonder why … “

Seems rants are off the menu again!




2 thoughts on “I’m not being fed

  1. I love this. I ask my Father to provide me with what I need, spiritually. It would be a complete insult if I didn’t then take what He gave, and use it. Reading His word is actually all we need, as it is written (2 Timothy 3:16)

    Thank you so much for writing this one, Paul. It’s such an encouragement 🙂

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