It is time

23,869 living human beings killed or seriously injured in just one year – 2015.  That figure reported in the UK by the police for traffic accidents nationally.   The figure decreased by (only) 3% on the previous year , and by (only) 2% between 2010-2014.

Which means that in excess of 23,000 people each and every year (in just the UK) cease living or have their lives changed.  Which means that same number of family and friends (multiplied by 10-50) have their lives changed each year.

“There surely must come a time when humanity eventually wakes up from it’s (sic) self-induced insanity and says of all religion, god belief and all superstitious and supernatural nonsense:
When I was a child, I spoke and thought and reasoned as a child. But when I grew up, I put away childish things.
It is time …”
Arkenaten made the comment below this “Manchester” post.

Religion is with us and always will be I think.  I think we need something bigger than us.  Something to cushion us from the “what if” of not living as we plan to live.  For ever.

I think that most of us live for tomorrow and most of us plan for tomorrow.  I think most of us cruise-control through today.  I think that most of us (all of us?) have prayed the “Family Prayer”:  “Just get me out of this one scary thing and I will be good for ever.”

Most of us never are.  Most of us just look after number one as best we can.  Getting by whatever it takes.  I think that, just as with cars, religion is not the issue – it is a convenience.  Some people like playing god.

I think that “self-induced insanity” is not the exclusive domain of religion and god-belief.

It is how we choose to live each day without the fear of dying today.  How we choose to live today knowing that some of those 23,869 lives didn’t and won’t.  Which means living today knowing that won’t happen to me.  Except it must for some.  Which makes that my self-induced insanity.  Which does not make it a bad thing.

And which does not make me a bad person.

“It is time.”

For what?


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