Deaf or blind?

“You are badly mistaken!”

We have a dog who is deaf.  Maisie is her name.  She looks like she would bite your leg, when in reality she simply wants to lick you with affection (and anyone she meets) all day long.

There are different thoughts on dog behaviour.  There are a load of dog training books and trainers.   We found that Maisie quickly discovered the different style of “human behaviour” in our house.  There was the “she is part of the family” behaviour and the “she is just a dog” behaviour.  The consequence was that Maisie, in the confusion of who was who, assumed the role of boss without asking.  And so we found ourselves looking for help.

“You are badly mistaken!”   Mark 12:18-27

How often we read the bible, talk to God, ask Jesus to ask God for us, talk to each other, think we should evangelise more, think we are all family and should love each other – and that usually means those who talk the loudest, in the confusion of love and leadership, assume the role of boss without asking.   And then the rest of us look for help!

“You are badly mistaken!”

We found help for Maisie.  A weekend course of dog psychology.  How to get inside a dog’s head and fix it.   The reality was that it was us finding that we were the problem.

Maisie might be deaf, but we were blind.  We couldn’t see what she was telling us: “Please make good decisions for all of us – because right now you are making bad decisions for all of us.”  We spent the weekend learning to see for the first time.  We spent the weekend with “readers” who never judged our blindness.  Our “readers” wanted us “to read” so that our household was balanced and happy and strong.

I have read the bible for many years.  I will continue to read it for many more.  But more and more I see a “reader” wanting me to “to read” without judging my blindness.  I see a God within who accepts my blindness and who only wants to live in a balanced and happy and strong home.


We have a general election tomorrow.  Each party wants my vote.  Each party will say lots of things to get my vote.  All parties are unlikely to deliver the promises they are making.  They are all trying to read the data.  All strategising for this or that sector.  Playing to this or that crowd.  Prioritising one “label” over another.  More and more I see that the same as evangelising and saving souls.

So more and more I have less and less desire to save anyone.  No desire at all to evangelise.  A dwindling desire to lead.  And more and more I find a balance and happiness and strength.  A different home.  A more loving home.  A more accepting home.  A less judgmental home.

And my God seems just as content as before.


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