The greatest invitation

“After that no one dared to ask him any question.”

Whether you believe in a real Jesus or not is one thing.  But – just as we can all find kindness and insight anywhere in anything and at anytime – why not the bible?

Some of the best religious minds tested this Jesus.  The religious minds who led the religious.  Religious for a myriad of reasons usually seeded in the cultural.  Religion is cultural I think, because no matter how it attempts to remain aloof and “in this world but not of it” – it is in this world and it is of this world (I think).

The current cultural boxing match of Islam against the rest makes for great headlines and little understanding.   I wrote a piece about the oddity of @ 24,000 real people dying or being seriously injured year after year.  Acceptable road death is not news unless it directly affects you (and that is true of any and all dying).

“After that no one dared to ask him any question.”  Mark 12:28-34

I was taught not to ask questions.  Not to rock the boat.  I also learned that a lot of questions are asked where the question is why and the answer is not.  Because answers often require change.

Like “love” in these few verses.  In religious terms a commandment.  In biblical terms of God first and foremost.

So if you don’t like the bible – you think God is fake – you think Jesus is fictional – then why not just take all those bits out?  Because you are still left with love.  Of self and each other.  A love that allows and frees – that desires not demands – that does not require religion or one god (or another god).

Or is it because we fear change?

As I look around at the conversation of faith and radicalism today – I wonder why my questioning a documented “god” found in religion of any faith (but my still finding and embracing kindness and love) makes me a “fence-sitter”.  Which means I am not committing to one accepted label (secular or religious) – and that seems to make me “a fake”.

Because the more I look around the more I think this …

Sitting on the fence is not a cop-out.

It is a great place for change – and more change.

And the more I “fence-sit” – the more I find it is not a place without belief.

It is a place of belief in all and of all and for all.

And – for me – that is the greatest invitation I have ever been given.


Photo taken by: Sally Sharamitaro


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