Back to not knowing

The market likes certainty. A hung Parliament. We need a period of strong, stable government.

Strong and stable.

We are seeing the final votes counted in a General Election.  A “snap” election called because the governing party knew it would grow its majority right now. And once again the political pollsters and predictors are wrong.

Strong and stable (and in control).

Brings to mind a certain Jesus character who bumped into the same thing. Strong and stable religious power brokers. Who had God locked up all tight and safe for another five hundred centuries.  No votes or snap elections needed in those days. It was done by divine commandment.   Of a history to suit their present and future – but not so much everyone else’s.

“After that no one dared to ask him any question.”  Mark 12:28-34

Challenging the status quo was something even the Roman Empire left alone. So a mere provincial Jesus doing the challenging was a proverbial fly in the proverbial ointment. Three years or so and  … poof … !   A fleeting distraction.

The market likes certainty. We need a period of …

I am not sure individual human beings are ever comfortable being told “we need”. It always means “I need to do this to you, and you need to say yes to me doing it.” Strong and stable government is “my need to govern you as I need”.  The USA found that out. And our UK government is finding the same.

I wonder when religion will wake up and smell the reality?

During a conversation about the legitimacy of “Jesus” as a real historical figure, the suggestion that “Jesus wasn’t” was highly emotive.  That Jesus was (or not) born as described, never (or did) died and rose again as described, was (or not) God who does (or does not) exist.  Within that conversation I was surprised by the “need” of opposite beliefs for the same certainty: those who believe need a real Jesus – and those who do not believe need a fictional Jesus.  Oddly I found that I “needed” neither.

So part of me cheers a fictional Jesus.  Part of me doesn’t need a real Jesus as written. Part of me thinks if there is a “God” then just how would any of us “know”.  How would we be able to “get” something so not of this world when all we are is of this world?

And that uncertainty helps me.

It helps me get that unconditional love here and now is “yes please”.  It helps me accept that love is central to (almost) all who are breathing today.  It helps me get that love is bigger than me.  And helps me understand those who run towards terrorists when everyone else is running away.  And that helps me understand why death is not the biggie we are told it is.  And it helps me get why (I believe) love is more than a cocktail of genetically swishing chemicals.

Mostly it helps me not need so much.  Which helps me see need in others more clearly.

Because one person’s need is another’s lack of choice.  And offering a lack of choice is not freedom.  And the absence of freedom is not love.  And love is my gateway to loving better each day for me.  And living better for me is my gateway to my living entity who you call God.  And who I have no issue with you doing so (or not).

Was Jesus a real historical figure as written?

Does “faith” really need to know?

And if it does … is that “faith” at all?




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