“Human first, religion second.”

This in a brief conversation with a chap still 90 minutes away from his first fluids since before we got out of bed and had breakfast.  He had already told me the temperature today was 45 degrees centigrade.  “For us it is normal, but for you … ?”  For us we had stayed in the shade all afternoon and been surprised by the heat in the slight breeze.  A swimming pool, plenty of water … we had survived very nicely, thank you.  Even have an ever deepening tan for our troubles.

“Human first, religion second.”

Wherever and whenever in the world – with those of any faith or religion – I find it is always the same.  We have much in common and little to separate.  Always those who put religion first and human last are not “real (add faith)”.  Always there is more in common and little to separate:

  • Prayer is not for the mosque or church – prayer is for the soul – all the time everywhere.
  • Worship is not just for the mosque or church – not even for the god.  It is for the soul – all the time everywhere.
  • The god does not need us to do this or that or the other.  It for the soul.  Human first, religion second.

We all have history.  Each faith has done the killing and been the killed.  Each faith has atrocities to recite.  Grievances to bear.  Wrongs to right.  It is what happens when religion is first and human is not.  Just like wars over oil first and yours will do fine.  Just like greed over humanity.  Just like anything where there is a first that is me and you don’t matter.

“Human first, religion second.”

I made a comment about the UK inter-faith leaders gathering to show solidarity.  That my wish –  my prayer – was that they all took off their photogenic robes of faith leadership – the paraphernalia of religious uniform first, human second – that they gathered to show solidarity for “human first, religion second”.

As I type, the call to prayer and the end of another long day of fasting.  Each mosque echoing the call to prayer.  The staff here – who have been serving us drinks and food all day – have just 30 minutes to pray, to drink, and to eat before we guests gather again for our third meal today.

This afternoon there was a noisy disagreement from the kitchen.  A violence of noise.  It meant some waited a long time for a late lunch.  The afternoon waiter weathered that without a murmur.  He managed the chaos left by a colleague who finished his shift with a full order book and impatient guests.  The afternoon waiter looked like he had a headache.

When it all calmed down and was back to normal, I went for another bottle of water and said thank you.  Thank you for us guests not knowing what all the noise was about. Thank you for allowing us to be interrupted rather than inconvenienced.  He smiled and thanked me.  He hadn’t had a drink since before we got out of bed for breakfast.  And he smiled and thanked us again as he served our (zillionth) drinks by the pool.

Human first, religion second.

There cannot be any other way.



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