How is your inner voice today?

When we go on holiday Maisy has one too.  Our dog goes and lives in someone’s home.  She has the place to her (dog) self – she has the person she lives with as full-on company 24/7.  We think – as holidays go – it must be close to Maisy’s idea of dog heaven.

“She knew all morning you were coming for her – she could tell.”

Was how the dog lady greeted us when we went to collect Maisy – who was licking us madly with her tail stuck in fast-forward.  We thanked the dog lady, packed-up the car, and headed home with our holidayed dog.

My wife commented that as the dog lady had moved Maisy’s bedding downstairs, had stacked Maisy’s sack of food, her bag of toys and treats by the front door – perhaps Maisy was “unsettled” because she knew something was up – just not the why, what or when.

I find I listen for my still small voice in times of turbulence.  I find more and more I converse in times of quiet.  In fact more and more – all the time – about everything.

And I hear others scoff at the need for (what they call) “divine guidance” (and I don’t).  I see them applaud themselves for making a difficult decision without “any help” from a “higher power” (which they think silly).

I wonder …

Does their perceived “higher power” (they see in others) really prefer wind-up-clockwork-toys?  Because why should intuition and commonsense … research and groundwork … seeking a friend(s)’s opinion … acting like a mature grown-up … be the remit only of “non-believers”?  Why do “believers” not do just the same?  And why is calling a “still small voice” a topic for hilarity?

My inner voice is … Intuition … experience … research … other’s thoughts and opinions – and also “inspiration”.  Those moments of “I can’t tell you where that one came from” inspiration.  I “hear” words – I “sense” information – I “see” colours – I “feel” temperature change.  I have certainty and the absence of certainty.  And I have “certainty” which can be overturned with a different “certainty”.  I have complete confidence that my “inner voice” is to be trusted.  I trust my inner voice because I have tested and tested and found this to be true again and again:

I know my inner voice wants only the best for me/us, what is right for me/us, what will work for me/us.

I know I will look back and understand with hindsight.  I know I will always see “the why” – if not then – certainly later.  That has happened too many times for me to doubt.

So to the scoffers who label my inner voice as of one faith or another, one religion or another, one defined “god” or another, who then attach their beliefs about “religious stuff” as validating the scoffing – I have this thought …

Why not live knowing that – if you allow – every decision will be the best for you – irrespective of whether it seems to you or others “good or bad”?  I live like that now.  And with each decision-making I have to “allow” anew.  Every time.  And every time that is a challenge.  Because it cuts through what is wrong or right.  It cuts through having to be right or wrong.  Because it always “fits” somehow those I love and those who love me.

So maybe that is the only difference and not our “inner voices”.

In the allowing – in the trusting.  In the what we allow of our inner voices (whatever we like to call “that stuff”).

“She knew all morning you were coming for her – she could tell.”

The dog lady thinks our Maisy has superpowers.  Neither of us saw any reason to challenge her – because (who knows) …

Her inner voice might be right.



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