I like a watch like I like my GSHJ

I just bought a watch.  My current watch has had the hours “written” with a pen – the metal bits came unglued over time.  The strap is coming apart.  And I have had it for so many years I cannot remember how old it is.  I don’t really need a watch.  My phone has the time, a calendar, and a stopwatch.  My tablet has the weather forecast and time of virtually any city in the world.

But all “that stuff” doesn’t do it for me.  I have had a watch on my wrist for decades.   Longer than my wedding band.  “What’s the time?” A flick of the eyes and wrist is a natural movement.  I do it even when my watch is somewhere else.

So as I pressed the buy button for a neat solar-powered (never need a new battery again), radio updated (never need to worry about the correct time), water-resistant to 10 somethings (I can forget having to remember to take it off when splashing with the grandchildren), AND glow in the dark (yay for no more night-time faffing about), AND an alarm (might never use it – but I can if I want to), AND a stopwatch (ditto to the might never – but) … I pondered “WHY?”

Why is time so important?

And those who carry a bible everywhere with them came to mind.

I never knew anyone did that (other than clergy).  And I still get a surprised feeling when I see someone pull out a bible.  Even in church.  I have seen that many times now, and yet it still catches my attention every time.

Why is carrying a bible so important?

Maybe it is because I have never thought “knowing the bible” was particularly important.  Never really “got” why being able to recite this verse or that helped me or GSHJ get along better.  And I have rarely met another human being who seemed to benefit from instant verse recitals.  And even less another human being who had the time to wait while I whipped out a bible, looked for a verse, and then read it aloud (for their comfort).  I always find that quite intrusive – selfish even – when others do it to me.

And as for “bible ignorance”?

It is only a “what will they think” thing.  Nothing to do with me and GSHJ.  And GSHJ never fails to find it hilarious whenever  I ponder that “what will they think”.  So I stopped worrying – and still can’t recite instant verses – still have no “road map” around the bible – and still have no need to carry a bible with me.

So I think I like a watch like I like my GSHJ.

A natural flick of the eyes and wrist.  And there is the time, just like there is God Soft Hands Jesus.  And just like all the sexy gizmos on my new neat watch – so too with GSHJ.  He and I can do the verse recalls (or wander through Biblegateway), He and I can do the underwater stuff (when it feels like I am drowning), He and I do the never have to change a battery (simply expose to sunlight together each day), and I never have to worry about the correct time (because He resets my straying, from what is good for me, so gently and so lovingly).

The bible will always be like a tablet to me.  A go-to (and a useful go-to).

But, just like checking my tablet in the middle of a conversation – the bible keeps me from hearing and seeing you and Him in that moment – which is a distraction.  And as GSHJ can “tell me the time” even before I think to ask – why would I want to be distracted?

And that is the type of “watch” I love to have on my wrist.



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