One of those days

“Just one of those days.”

I spend the day credit controlling by phone each Thursday.  And one accounts contact I called was having “one of those days”.  And I know what he meant.  I think we all do.

When the forces conspire against one.  When Sod’s Law is up and at one.  When everything that could go wrong does go wrong.  A bad day.  One of those days.

I am having one of those days as well.

Except mine is the mirror image.  A great day.  A happy day.  A day when just being alive is the best bit.  When living this one day is enough.  I am having one of THOSE days.

The reason for this post … ?

In between calls, it seemed to me that “one of those days” can become “one of THOSE days” in the same day – in the same hour – the same minute – the next second!  That the “why me?” can so easily become the “and ME!”

One call.  One conversation.  One memory.  One joke.  One word.  One anything and everything.  Just one tiny something turns “those days” into “THOSE days” – and once you are having one of THOSE days – there is no turning back.  It is upwards all the way!

I think what I mean is this.

When you are tickled by a single feather – laugh aloud (don’t be scratchy).  When you are stopped by a sideways take on life – look both ways (because you know what is in front and behind)!  And when you find a smile creeping out uninvited – shake its hand and ask for the next dance (no music required).

“One of those days” takes a lot of energy to keep it being one of those days.

Whereas I never knew I was having one of THOSE days  … until that call with the chap having a “those” day … and suddenly I realised the difference.

So here’s to one of THOSE days – it is right under your nose (if you look sideways)!


Back to calling and credit control – 




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