Love never goes out


“I still find “non-Saturday” weddings odd.  But, even with this being a working day, our daughter and son-in-law could have filled this space more than once. What a wonderful statement of how much love there is for them both.  So thank you – each one here – for filling this day with love!

And I want to take a moment to remember those who can’t be here today – who are in our hearts and minds today … I think of our brother and his wife … our auntie …  You know your own loved ones.

Eight years ago I followed our elder daughter‘s speech on their special day. She stood up without a note or a prompt and brought the entire room to a sniffling soggy mess.  Then it was my turn.  I should have stood up, said thank you – and sat down again.

I didn’t!

So thank you to each of our four children (and two son-in-laws) – children are the best teachers – you only want the best for us oldies – and we parents don’t always get it (we are your parents after all) – just as you don’t always get that we want exactly the same for you (we are your parents after all).

And thank you to us parents as well – we are so worth it!  To (first son-in-law)‘s parents … and now (second son-in-law)‘s parents.  And especially my lovely lady – who has been “breaking in” her killer heels at home for weeks now!

And thank you son-in-laws (you have the very best choice in “daughters”!)

We live in a world where relationships are disposable. Commitment is an investment with an expected and measured return.  If it doesn’t perform – move on.  That’s the cultural truth we are often taught.  Our family have shown me that is a lie.  Love is forever – even when it looks like it is not.

“Putting out love” takes determined and focused effort.

Our children have taught me to let go of squeezing “life out of life” (and I know I don’t learn very well). They have taught me that being right is one thing – but being there for those you love is way beyond right and wrong. They show me how love never goes out (not without all the grim focused determination stuff).

So hello daughter

I love being alongside your blossoming.  We all do.  Everyone in this room and beyond. For you have blossomed at work – at home – with your friends – your family – as an auntie to the three wee ones .  And I have watched you let go of who you thought you couldn’t be – and become who you are today.  A very special and unique human being. And now with your man – even more so.

Hi son-in-law

A man of few words and even less vegetables!  Who coined “don’t make friends with salad” (from the Simpsons – I found out).  Who showed the city of your stag weekend what they didn’t want to see.  Who is my only carnivore buddy at family bbqs.  And who presented me with this watch from you both with these words:

“Paul, I promise to always look after her.”

You brought me to a soggy mess yesterday – thank you!

And today I am wearing that pocket watch … and also the cuff-links our elder daughter and son-in-law gave me on their special day.  Just remember (son-in-laws) …

I forget lots of things – but never a promise made to our daughters!

So let’s celebrate … how love once lit is so very hard to put out.  Because – today – this room is schmokingggggg ….!

Dear (son-in-law) – as (son-in-law) eight years ago – we welcome you as a son into our small but perfectly dysfunctional family.  So now … please join me in raising your glasses to the happy couple …”



Names have been purposely omitted




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