To know no fear


In a match where two are pitted against each other one will lose and one will win (“drawing a tie” is submission to convenience)

What is losing?
Not winning.

What is winning?
Not losing.

In a life where each of us chooses to do or not do, to keep going or to give up, to find peace or to find war, to always see love or always see sin, to worship (or reject) a formal God – or to find (and love) a personal friend – to fear or to know no fear …

Therein is winning AND losing.

Your choice.


Inspired by the epic tennis match last night (Court No 1, Wimbledon, England), between Gilles Muller (seeded 16) and Rafael Nadal (seeded 4).

If you don’t watch this kind of thing – find a recording – and watch two ordinary human beings show how winning happens at its very best.

Wimbledon 2017: Rafael Nadal loses to Gilles Muller in 15-13 final set






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