And I am an each

In my lifetime (not over yet) my living is transformed by computers.

Here I am on one of our two computers, with my smart phone and tablet waiting their turn (and my recent present of a kindle fire taking the day off).

I can be reached 24/7. I can share the most mundane details of my living.  I can research the most complex of questions.  I have less and less time in each day.

I cannot stop progress. I can hide from it … I can dismiss it … I can accept it.

Progress simply represents our insatiable drive for change.  A drive we love and resent in the same moment – that we embrace and reject in the same breath.

I can resent how my gadgets diminish my quality of life – at the same as checking an instant message (picture included) from a loved one on the other side of the world.  I can argue for “switching everything off” – whilst immersed in differing opinions on the www.   I can dismiss ignorance – whilst “googling” mine as I speak.

We filter.  We always have.  We always will.  We always must.  Filtering is how we live our lives.  And it is how we hold opposing beliefs and consider it entirely normal.  Simply to live is to accommodate the absence of logic. The logic to accept AND dismiss without understanding.

So presenting a case for God AND a case against God is – for me – just one more example of that (not) “normality”.

How does one prove something that cannot be measured by the terms of reference we define as measurement today?  How can one not see the “terms of (measurement) reference” today have changed since “yesterday” and can measure today what they could not yesterday? And how can one prove that the “terms of (measurement) reference” tomorrow (or the day after) will never be able to measure what cannot be measured today?

Maybe that is why we have less and less time – convincing others they are wrong because we are not – convincing ourselves we are right because they are not.

And the God bit … ?

I believe there is a God but not as defined in the bible or any other sacred text.  I do not believe God is called God but will use that word for simplicity of connection.  I cannot express my “definition of God” any better than through unconditional love.  Love for each.

And I am an each. Just as you are.

I don’t believe we are, or should be, the same … have the same … think the same.  But I do believe we can all be kind … each accept all … each ask that each is kind to each.

And I am an each. Just as you are.

Being kind to each, to me, is an expression of love that is unconditional for each.  And that is as illogical as any other belief system.  But I think it normal.

I think for each to not be kind to each is abnormal.

That is my god bit.



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