Whose mask is most firmly attached?

How does one prove fraud?

Low grade, it just happened, wasn’t meant to, kind of fraud.  If they hadn’t done that, if the weather hadn’t meant this, if I didn’t have to keep filling my order book, if the customers didn’t keep changing their minds, kind of fraud.  If I hadn’t been ripped off twice in the past, if I hadn’t suffered financial loss of my own, if it wasn’t now dog-eat-dog, kind of fraud.  If I used to care but don’t get paid enough anymore, if everyone is doing it off the books nowadays, if the customers didn’t expect me to do it off the books, if everyone wants something for nothing nowadays, kind of fraud.

How do I prove fraud when it is done to me, kind of fraud?

The intellectual is my real right now.  My love is the answer is being tested right now.

No God, church, religion, Christian, faith debate required.  None of that intellectual stuff (and all of that intellectual stuff).  The details could be anything where one is selling and one is buying.  Where one is providing and the other is taking.  Where both are being given for providing.  One is providing work and being given money.  One is giving money and being provided work.

One us. One them. The other us. The other them.

If love is the answer even where legal redress, financial recompense, a satisfactory conclusion, is not possible … how love then?  If the law says you can’t touch me, do your worst, come for me through the courts and I will change my trading name, remain untouchable and leave you behind, is probable … how love then?

I am being taught that love is not in transaction. That the mask I give me and the mask I give you is in transaction. In transaction I am us and you are them. And to you I am them and you are us.

And then how does one prove fraud?

The fraud of seeing through a mask and what lies behind.  The fraud of promising without any intent to deliver.  The fraud of an “act of god” rather than something was more important but you cannot tell me that.  For then the mask would slip.  And the fraud would be seen. That you don’t care.  That I am your them.  And then I would look closer and you would see that you are my them.  And my mask would slip as well.

And where would it end?  Other than low grade fraud.

I am being taught that we love those who love us.  And “them” we don’t are expendable. And therein the masks and the fraud.

I am being taught that masks and smiles make things so much easier.  That “them” don’t want the truth.  That “us” can’t be truthful to “them” because “them” wouldn’t understand “us.”

So the transaction is agreed and the masks stay in place.  And the fraud creeps in a little at a time.  But fraud is fraud the law says. And proof of law means one must be unmasked and the other not.  But how to judge who will and who will not?

By whose mask is most firmly attached.

I may be the innocent party with nothing to hide.  But will I tell the judge I wish to rip his eyes out for allowing the other his mask?  And if I do will I then be the accused?  So just who will be masked or unmasked for the law is an ass.

And why this morning do the words “churched” and “saved” spring to mind?



7 thoughts on “Whose mask is most firmly attached?

  1. good questions paulfg, them and us-” I am being taught that masks and smiles make things so much easier. That “them” don’t want the truth. That “us” can’t be truthful to “them” because “them” wouldn’t understand “us.”


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  3. I think the big question for me id am I becoming christlike? If so then what else is important and why and if and but and victim and all the other worldly fleshy thoughts should stop. If I am becoming christlike.


    • I wouldn’t stress over the fleshy thoughts because they are a reaction to the changes you so desperately want in your life. In the old days we might have said that we were being tested by the Devil but it is our mind and spirit being contrary to the new way we have set ourselves. Most certainly we are being tested, don’t give it too much attention, and go and think that you are not becoming Christlike because these things do not go. Most of our Saints were tested beyond anything we will know by willfulness, pride, fear and all the rest. Focus on Christ and just put things into his hands. Such things do serve a good purpose since they always remind us of the difference between growing into Christ and turning the other way.

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