I choose


I want to be rich
I want to be famous
I want to be powerful
I want to rule the world






I am rich in life, in heartbeat, living and breathing. I am rich in smiles and laughter, food and shelter, a computer and internet, a home and a family. I am rich in thoughts and the freedom to say my thoughts. I am rich in so much that I think myself poor.

I am famous to the few who matter. Those I connect with. My family, extended family, friends and colleagues, those who are acquaintances and those I used to know. I am famous with those I meet for seconds yet leave, and am given, a lasting impression.

I am powerful each second in choosing the next. Right now I chose to set aside work. Right now I chose to talk to you. Right now these words are entering your world. Right now your reaction is changing my world. I have the power to change you without even knowing you. And you have the power to change me without me realising you did.

I do rule the world. That piece I inhabit. That piece I own today. I rule as I see fit. I may be fair. I may charitable. I may be loving. Or I may be angry. I may be hurtful. I may be self-centred. I may all of those and more in the same moment. I rule my world.


Or I can choose to let you rule me 



and choose to believe

I have no choice

at all



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