It is written, but I say …

It is written, but I say …

The “what is written” bible: is it reliable, is it factual, is it historical, is it God breathed, is it man manipulated …  It is written, but I say …

I am currently compiling another “it is written, and I say … ”

An email trail back and forth.  A tale of contractual disagreement and discontent.  A correspondence of one who says all is well against those of us who say it is not.

A court of law requires such correspondence.  Words written of evidence.  A court of law feeds on evidence.  Evidence of words once written that can be placed in context, set in isolation, edited and cherry-picked, stacked in strong layers, presented without weakness or fault.

Except that each word and phrase, each date and timing, each response and reaction, each carefully selected fragment will be crafted into two different cases.  One for and one against.

How does that happen?  That the same written words are used to present two opposing arguments proving two opposing cases?  “It is written, but I say … “

Then there is truth.

The truth of unwritten evidence.  Of conversations of hindsight.  Of unwritten words that will not be set before the court.  That if presented would counter the claim of one who insists all is well.  But that is not written and cannot be presented.  “It is not written, so I cannot say … “

What is truth other than we each create and recreate.  That we live in a present with a past and an expected future.  A future we never know until our present.  And when known means we change our immediate (and historical) past to suit the new (expected) future.

The truth is that truth changes.

The truth (in this moment) is my best attempt.  A moment of absolute (and maybe opposing) truth (when I talk with others).  A moment of absolute truth I (may) rewrite in seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months or years to come.  A moment of truth that will become different (even if I think it the same).  And then (as with this this small collection of posts) I may present a different truth.  For what is truth other than a surrender (or resistance) to hindsight?

It’s what I know as living.  And my living is conscious / unconscious cherry-picking of the known / unknown that is unknown / now known.

We live rewriting our mistakes and our successes.  And we – in love – ask those who live only their mistakes to see the positive.  We invite those – in love – who live only their successes to embrace the humble.

We encourage “love”.

For some the truth of love is a truth all others should adopt.  For others that is a lie not of love.  And that may be the closest to truth we ever achieve.

But what of (unconditional) love?

A love (without condition) that embraces hindsight … that embraces change … that embraces living …  no winning or losing required.

“It is written, but I say … “  and always will.

Just not the same.



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