Church is off-limits for children

McDonalds do it. And teenagers usually keep going. Church does it. And teenagers usually don’t .

McDonalds loves children. Children take their parents to McDonalds. Church loves children. Parents take their children to church.

McDonalds serves teenagers who take themselves. Church doesn’t very much. Not in my part of the world.

Seems to me “holding children in high regard” is the common factor.

So here’s a thought …

How about church is off-limits for children.

Yes to the christenings (as that seems like an insurance policy so often). But then no more church. No proper church. No junior church. No messy church. No youth clubs. No children allowed.

Church is for adults only.

Like smoking. Like drinking. Like drugs. Like sex.

Because if church is as good as Christians say it is … if being a follower is as rewarding as followers say it is … if being a believer is for eternity and not just Christmas …

Wouldn’t young adults flock to church as soon as they were able … wouldn’t they get an older friend to vouch for them as they were frisked at the doors … wouldn’t they try to sneak in the back door when no one was looking … ?  And if not –

Why not?


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