Look granddad …

Look, granddad … they’ve changed colour!

Not yet four, all four fingers caught in a closing car door earlier in the day, traumatised and screaming, assessed and observed, child paracetamol, more assessing and observing, more cuddled and cosseted than usual … and all not more than six hours earlier.

The resilience of children.  The recovery of children absent of self-pity.  The curiosity of children with something new.

Look, granddad … ” As the fingertips began to heal from an angry red to a dull brown.

Look, granddad … ” As the insatiable curiosity of “now” won hands down over the trauma of “then”.

Look, granddad … ” Without a trace of blame or anger at why this accident happened.

Look, granddad … ” No malice.  No negative.  No need.

The intellectual debate over the bible’s historical and factual accuracy-integrity may rage for eternity.

Whoever welcomes one of these little children in my name welcomes me; and whoever welcomes me does not welcome me but the one who sent me.” Mark 9:37

The intellectual debate over the evidence for a biblical God and Jesus will rage for another eternity.

Look, granddad … they’ve changed colour!

But the writers – who recorded the Living God as they knew their Living God – in ways we struggle to understand with our sophisticated knowledge and hindsight – seem to have been on to something timeless.



3 thoughts on “Look granddad …

  1. Kids, eh?
    I slammed the boot lid of my old Cortina on the fingers of my four year old daughter.
    She didn’t blame me either.
    However,when I ran over our first cat that was a different story altogether.
    Emily’s wrath knew no bounds …


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